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Purely out of sheer amusement, I decided to compile the Top 20 posts of the year here at jolly ol’ terribleminds. Now, to be clear, between my three sources of reporting (WP_Stats, Google Analytics, CyStats), I get pretty wildly different numbers as to hits and views and what-not, but overall they seem to agree that these are the most viewed over the course of the last 365 days.

Please to enjoy.

Or, y’know, don’t.


1: Beware of Writer

2: Want To Be A Freelancer? Just Punch Yourself In The Face, Instead

3: NaNoWhoNow? NaNoWriMo Dos and Don’ts

4: The Writer’s Prayer (The Penmonkey Paean)

5: Avatar Porn Will Destroy Us All

6: Here’s How To Be A Writer

7: Why You Should Freelance (Despite All That Face-Punching Business)

8: Why You’re A Sucky Editor

9: Oh To Hell With It, Let’s Talk About Piracy

10: Should I Self-Publish? A Motherfucking Checklist

11: The Truth About Turtle Penis

12: Murdering Unicorns: Ending The Myths That Poison A Writer’s Life

13: Why You Won’t Finish That Novel

14: A Gentleman’s Guide To Proper Beard Maintenance

15: I Must Renew My Contract With Dread Mistress Pauley Perrette

16: Why You Probably Still Suck As A Writer

17: Breaking The Lemniscate: The Ending Of Inception

18: Fuck It, It’s Time To Talk About My Beard

19: My Beard Come So Fat, I Wanna Do Laser

20: “A Radioactive Monkey

And there you have it.

I am, of course, interested: did you have a favorite post of the year?

It’s okay if you didn’t.

I mean, sure, it’ll be another tear-stained pillow night for me. But you’re used to that.

7 responses to “Top 20 Terribleminds Posts Of 2010”

  1. Beware of Writer is definitely the one that hooked me to terribleminds. And Radioactive Monkey reinspired me to write short fiction.

    Come to think of it, I might be a big part in Beware of Writer’s huge view count, between passing it around and viewing it so often myself. But I’m crazy enough to think things like that.

    In other news: Happy New Year from the Rocky Mountains.

  2. @Austin:

    Beware of Writer really went apeshit. It’s well over 100k looky-loos by this point, and I continue to see it RT’ed — which is kind of nuts to me.

    You never really know when a post is going to take off.

    — c.

  3. Murdering Unicorns was the first post I read here and it’s still a favorite, but I think it was the Writer’s Prayer that transformed me into one of your dedicated stalk–ah, followers.

  4. Hey. Just read your piracy post for the first time. Missed it last year. This is off topic for this post, I’m chiming in a year late here.

    I see you’ve discussed at length the issues of the “democratization of information” and getting “stuff” for free or conveniently on the Internet – this is what I was trying to pin-point last week about ePublishing your work. All I can say is (since you and your readers clearly know the issues very thoroughly) that I am teaching my students the meaning and value of intellectual property and encourage them to think before they download without paying. Hopefully they will grow up with the power to spend with integrity.

    For me, I look at intellectual property as different from “information” on the Internet. 99% of the time, I pay for the movies, music, books I like. The other 1% are YouTube videos I download to show at school because YouTube is blocked. I’ve never pirated a book or song for free; I have shared those I’ve purchased though. Funny, I’ve put fiction in one category and non-fiction in another I guess. I don’t want to pay for non-fiction information.

    Price is a determiner of whether I’ll buy, but would not affect my decision against pirating someone’s creative work. No way.

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