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Top 20 Terribleminds Posts Of 2010

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Purely out of sheer amusement, I decided to compile the Top 20 posts of the year here at jolly ol’ terribleminds. Now, to be clear, between my three sources of reporting (WP_Stats, Google Analytics, CyStats), I get pretty wildly different numbers as to hits and views and what-not, but overall they seem to agree that these are the most viewed over the course of the last 365 days.

Please to enjoy.

Or, y’know, don’t.


1: Beware of Writer

2: Want To Be A Freelancer? Just Punch Yourself In The Face, Instead

3: NaNoWhoNow? NaNoWriMo Dos and Don’ts

4: The Writer’s Prayer (The Penmonkey Paean)

5: Avatar Porn Will Destroy Us All

6: Here’s How To Be A Writer

7: Why You Should Freelance (Despite All That Face-Punching Business)

8: Why You’re A Sucky Editor

9: Oh To Hell With It, Let’s Talk About Piracy

10: Should I Self-Publish? A Motherfucking Checklist

11: The Truth About Turtle Penis

12: Murdering Unicorns: Ending The Myths That Poison A Writer’s Life

13: Why You Won’t Finish That Novel

14: A Gentleman’s Guide To Proper Beard Maintenance

15: I Must Renew My Contract With Dread Mistress Pauley Perrette

16: Why You Probably Still Suck As A Writer

17: Breaking The Lemniscate: The Ending Of Inception

18: Fuck It, It’s Time To Talk About My Beard

19: My Beard Come So Fat, I Wanna Do Laser

20: “A Radioactive Monkey

And there you have it.

I am, of course, interested: did you have a favorite post of the year?

It’s okay if you didn’t.

I mean, sure, it’ll be another tear-stained pillow night for me. But you’re used to that.