So, I used to do merch. Art Harder, Motherfucker, and Certified Penmonkey and all that fun stuff. Except, time took its toll and I dunno, I got distracted by a shiny object, because essentially at the core I am an easily-distractible crow. The merch faded with time, into the mists.

But now. Merch hath returned.

Check it out right here.

I’ve partnered with awesome human, Jordan Shiveley, who designs and operates the merch-realm known as voidmerch, and as such, he’s begin to upload a number of Wendig-slash-terribleminds-slash-novel-themed designs.

You’ll find a panoply of sinister designs that will break your mind and steal your teeth. I mean, that or just make you look fashionable as fuck decked out in your fancy Wendigalia. Which is not a word. But it is now, shut up.

I mean, this is just a sample of what’s there:

You’ll also find a new ART HARDER, MOTHERFUCKER design (clean version also available) there. Plus Black Swan, Magic Skeleton, Ramble Rocks, and more.

And there will be more designs to come.

Please to enjoy, slavering merchwolves.