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Please to enjoy.


  1. You are fantastic! Ha! How’s that for cheerocracy? Funny funny writing!

  2. Joshua Pollard says:

    Me. Wendig, first off let me say that I may be the Atfermath series biggest fan. The books were fantastic! I’ve listened to the whole series at least 5 times. Sinjir Rath Velus was the best character I’ve seen in quite some time. My question is, will you be doing more work about Rae Sloane and her part of developing the first order in wild space. Again sir, I am addicted to this series and all the characters. They made me happy and absolutely pissed me off. When that happens, you know you are reading the works of a legend. Thank you for bringing this series to life.

  3. Heather M Luttrell says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for Wayward my nickname is Possumdiva so you may imagine how much I loved how it all ended ❤️

  4. Peter Mac Donald says:

    Well.I just finished Wayward.I read The Wanderers about a year ago.Never thought I would ever say it but the 2 books rival The Stand in complexity and character.The Stand has always been my standard.That and Swan Song.You are up there with those2great books.I can only thank you for a superior read and literary journey

  5. JL Fleming says:

    Um, just wondering if you drive a black car with a Black Swan license plate? We were/are listening to Wayward when it blew past. Should we be scared/take cover (head to Ouray)?

  6. Andreas says:

    Hi Chuck! dont now if you will see this, but my name is Andreas and i am a 15yo fan from Norway. I just finished the book off accidents and it is literary the best book i have ever read. I love it so much thanks for making reading fun ❤❤

  7. Vickey Milligan says:

    Just started reading Wayward – loving it!
    I see you now live in PA (I grew up in NW PA) but you also refer to a lot of Cleveland/Ohio locations.
    Did you live there? Go to school there?
    Just curious – I’ve lived in Ohio, mostly Mansfield area for the last 18 years – enjoy the local references.

  8. Howard Feigenbaum says:

    I’m Howard Feigenbaum, president of the Diamond Valley Writers Guild in Riverside County, CA
    We’d like to have you as a guest speaker at our meeting on July 15. Our meetings take place on the third Saturday of the month at 9:30 a.m. PDT through Zoom.

    We publicize our monthly meetings to our mailng list of over 250 and through writing websites and local media. The Zoom meeting is recorded and posted on youtube. We encourage our guest speakers to publicize their work.

    It would be an honor to have you speak to the Writers Guild.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Howard Feigenbaum

    Our website:
    We publish Straitjackets, an online magazine:

  9. L.C.S. Bell says:

    Just curious as to whether you are available to speak at public libraries? We would love to have you come visit our library in Southeastern PA, and we are interested in your schedule, fees, etcetera. Thank you!

  10. Paul says:

    I am re-reading (well really re-listening) to Chuck’s Aftermath Trilogy and I have to say I am loving it even more years later. I am wondering how much information he was given about Lucasfilm’s plan (or lack thereof) since there are so many pieces that are used or fit with the current sequel story line. This could mean that he was the egg and they hatched the ideas from his storylines but its great to see so many ideas from that book being explored now in other medium. Looking now back it through the lens of the sequel trilogy being completed its been cool to see how Palpatines storyline was intertwined, Operation Cinder in Battlefront, how the Shadow Council was basically introduced now in live action in Mandalorian (along with Cobb Vanth), Shadow of the Sith (not giving away this spoiler but it was a fun detail from the Aftermath series).

    It is really a shame we never got another Star Wars book and I would love to know what his ideas were going to be for the book that got cancelled or how far off the current Vader series is from where he wanted to take the comic series as well. Its also a shame more of a comparison is not made to the people screaming and complaining about Gena Carano getting fired for her comments and Chuck’s as well. Two sides of the same coin but those sticking up for her should also be sticking up for Chuck … but I digress. Chuck, bravo and sorry we have not been able to get more Star Wars material from you these past years. I would have loved to read more.