Comments Policy



This is not a democracy. This is a cheerocracy.

My comments section policy is simple:

Don’t be an asshole, or I punt you into the spam oubliette.

(The spam oubliette is this — I click the “spam” button on your comment rather than the “trash” button, so that the next time you post, that comment is auto-flagged as spam. If you persist in trying to comment, I am quite likely to block your IP address.)

Asshole-ish behavior includes, but is not limited to:

– Abuse.

– Racism.

– Sexism.

– Any other -ism I deem toxic.

– Shameless spammy selling of books or other wares.

– Trolling.

Often, asshole-ish behavior will be met with a warning, though if it’s suitably horrible, you may not be presented with that favor and will instead be booted into the spam oubliette. Also note that sometimes new posters or posters utilizing links will in fact be put automatically into spam.

Assume that things you cannot do in public, you cannot do here.

You have freedom of speech, but not freedom of consequence.

I moderate with a heavy hand because this is my house and my yard. I open it to the benefit of many, not the benefit of one. Which means: everybody plays nice, or the bad apples will be fished out of the barrel and flung into the woods to rot.

If you wish to report abuse: please do so at terribleminds at gmail dot com.

Please to enjoy.