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Flash Fiction Challenge: The Magic Realism Bot’s Revenge

This is a great Twitter account. You should go to it — the Magic Realism Bot — and therein you’ll find an endless array of story prompts. I’ve no idea if they’re actually written by a person with intention or somehow cobbled together by a wise and weird neural network (I’d guess the former, but who knows?), but either way, I’d say use ’em. Pick a prompt. Write a story based on it. Length: ~1000 words Due by: Friday, March 23rd, noon EST Write at your online space. And link... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: They Fight Crime (Amongst Other Things)

THEY FIGHT CRIME. Yeah, go ahead, click that link. In it, you’ll get two characters who are randomly paired together to fight crime. This is the basis for your next story. Now, the one change is — the two characters don’t actually have to fight crime. But you must include both characters in your story — whether as crime fighters, enemies, lovers, family members, whatevers. That’s it. That’s the story. Length: ~1000 words Due by: Friday, March 16th, noon EST Post at your online space. Drop a link below so... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Choose A Title And Go

An easy one. I’m giving you ten random titles chosen from various random generators about ye olde internet — pick one, let that be the title of your new story. Any genre will do, list at the bottom of the post. Length: ~1000 words Due by: Friday, March 2nd, 2018 Post at your online space, link back here. (Note: I’ll be at ECCC next week, and so there won’t be a flash fic challenge.) The Titles 1. The Laughing Man 2. Voyagers in Flame 3. The History of Courage 4. Blue... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: A World Without Guns

Tough challenge after this week’s news — but I’ve seen some folks talk about what fiction can do or say about the (yet another) school shooting, and I think genre fiction has a chance to do something or say something interesting regarding it. Science-fiction, for instance, pretends to be about our future but it’s nearly always about our present. So, your job is to compose a piece of flash fiction where guns are gone — for whatever reason, made illegal, never been invented, use your imagination. This is primed for... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Strange Photos

Here is your challenge this week. Go to Google. Go to Google IMAGES. Type in “Strange Photos.” You will find a panoply of, well, weird-ass images. Pick one. Use it as inspiration for a piece of flash fiction. (In the fiction, make sure to link to the photo or post to page, with all credit to photographers or designers, please.) Length: ~1000 words Due by: Friday, 2/16 noon EST Post at your online space. Drop a link to the story in the comments below.

Flash Fiction Challenge: SubGenre Shake-And-Bake, Baby

And we return with an old favorite. We shall mash subgenres up and write the weird stories that result. I will give you 20 subgenres. You will pick two from the list either using a d20 or random number generator (or use monkey knuckles or coffee grounds or whatever), then you will write a short story that mashes up those two subgenres. Length: We’ll say 1500-2000 words. Due by: Next Friday (2/9), noon EST. Post at your online space. Drop a link to the story in the comments below. THE SUBGENRE LIST: Revenge Thriller BDSM Erotica Fairy Tale... Read The Rest →

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