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Flash Fiction Challenge: A Random Scattering Of Fresh Titles

BOOM. I’ll give you ten titles. You will either pick one of the ten or you will use a random number generator to select one, and then you will write some flash fiction paired to that title.

Get it? Got it? Great.

The titles are:

  1. Crying in the Wind
  2. The Dreamer’s Door
  3. Mist and Light
  4. The Hustler
  5. Absent Elves
  6. The Bridge and the Rose
  7. The Dweller
  8. The Reaper’s Rope
  9. Into The Parlor We Screamed
  10. Star Blight

(All randomly generated titles, by the by.)

Length: ~1500 words

Due by: Friday, June 8th, noon EST

Post at your online space.

Give us a link below to that post.

The end.