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Flash Fiction Challenge: The Art Robot Wants Us To Open Some Doorways

The results of last week’s challenge are live.

This week, the art robot has given us FIVE DOORWAYS.

You can choose one of these and write about them. Or, perhaps, what waits behind these doors. Or about who put them in, or why there is a door there at all. These doorways are strange, and there must be a story about them.

From there, you can and should write ~1000 words of fiction based on that prompt.

Do not post your fiction in the comments.

Deadline is one week, next Friday, the 26th.

Post it at your requisite online space, and drop us a link to that online space in the comment section below so others can read it.

Any genre is acceptable.

Let us know what prompt inspired the flash fiction you wrote.

Let’s do it!