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The Book of Accidents Won A Dragon Award?? Wait, What?

Hey, I am as shocked as you are, but apparently The Book of Accidents went and won itself one of them fancy Dragon Awards @ DragonCon for Best Horror Novel? I say I’m shocked not because I don’t stand by the book — I do! I like it just fine, thanks. But it was in some really stellar company, and I say with all sincerity it’s a win just to be mentioned in the same breath as those writers. (C’mon, Stephen Graham Jones, Grady Hendrix, Caitlin Starling, Daryl Gregory, Kiersten White? That’s a helluva group to be in.)

But apparently, people actually… voted for TBOA, which is so great, and I thank all of you who registered and voted. I cannot be mad at an award that is chosen by fans and readers, which is really great, and I’m over the moon. Week made.


Congrats too to the other nominees and winners!

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