Flash Fiction Challenge: The Revenge Of The Insane Art Robot

I think we’ll ape the same challenge as last week, just to see if we can LUBE THESE STORY GEARS. Hopefully we’ll get a little more uptake in actual participants? Maybe? Jump in, the weird water is warm.

Same deal as last time: I’m going to give you several prompts.

Five, this time.

You can pick any one of them.

From there, you can and should write ~1000 words of fiction based on that prompt.

Do not post your fiction in the comments.

Deadline is one week, next Friday, the 19th.

Post it at your requisite online space, and drop us a link to that online space in the comment section below so others can read it.

Any genre is acceptable.

Let us know what prompt inspired the flash fiction you wrote.

For extra bonus points that don’t exist, USE ALL THREE.

Here we go:

15 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Revenge Of The Insane Art Robot”

    • Ooh that was creepy with a great twist. Though I can’t help but wonder how it reminded you of an interaction with your daughter? Lol

    • Nice start to your larger piece. I have to admit I was a little disappointed you didn’t provide an ending. You had my interest. I hope you keep going.

  1. I went with pictures 1, 3,4. Those are the ones that jumped out at me the most and gave the immediate concept for this story. I hope you all enjoy this piece.

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