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Flash Fiction Challenge: Pop Culture Mash-Up Edition

This is a classic, and it’s always a blast — roll a d20 or use a random number generator, once for each of the two tables below. Then, take each of the results and mash them together in a flash fiction story.

Note: the goal is not to tell a literal fan-fic story set in those pop culture storyworlds — though, I guess if you wanna do that, hey, YOU DO YOU. The goal is to take the spirit of those two properties and find a story that embodies the weird mashup. (The origins of this particular challenge come from that old Hollywood conceit of pitching your original story to executives as X meets Y — “It’s The Big Bang Theory meets Westworld ha ha ha right? Hand me money.”)

Length: You have, mmm, let’s say 2000 words for this one.

Due by: next Friday, 7/19, noon EST.

Post the story at your online space.

Give us a linky-poo so we can follow it back.

Now, the two tables —


  1. The Incredibles
  2. The Last Starfighter
  3. Adventure Time
  4. Gravity Falls
  5. Nightmare on Elm Street
  6. Gilmore Girls
  7. The Thing
  8. Saving Private Ryan
  9. Goodfellas
  10. The Hobbit
  11. Dune
  12. The Handmaid’s Tale
  13. The Jetsons
  14. Batman
  15. Stephen King’s The Stand
  16. Get Out
  17. The Matrix
  18. Watership Down
  19. The Hunger Games
  20. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein


  1. DuckTales
  2. Hamilton
  3. Avatar the Last Airbender
  4. The Princess Bride
  5. When Harry Met Sally
  6. The Shape of Water
  7. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  8. Se7en
  9. Neuromancer
  10. Spirited Away
  11. Indiana Jones
  12. The Fast & The Furious
  13. James Bond
  14. Alice in Wonderland
  15. Transformers
  16. GI Joe
  17. The Cat In The Hat
  18. Parks and Recreation
  19. Twin Peaks
  20. The Bible