Flash Fiction Challenge: The Randomized Title Rears Its Head

Last week’s challenge: Holiday Horror!

I love the random title challenge.

I love it so much I wanna hug it.

I wanna hug it so much it explodes.


Way it works is this: you pick one from the two columns of 20 either by using a d20 die or a random number generator, and smooshing the word from Column One with the word from Column Two gets you a title. (You can modify that title slightly by putting “The” in front of it or making the title plural or possessive in some way.) You write the story — we’ll say 1500 words max this time around. Then you post it at your online space and drop a link here so we can all read it. Due by next Friday, noon EST.

Get it? Got it? Great.

Column One

  1. Skyborn
  2. Murderer’s
  3. Cocktail
  4. Night
  5. Dead
  6. Obliterated
  7. Heaven’s
  8. Thirteenth
  9. White
  10. Armored
  11. Wrong
  12. Daniel’s
  13. A Song For
  14. Screaming
  15. The Oathkeeper’s
  16. The Day of the
  17. Bleeding
  18. God’s Own
  19. Ghostly
  20. Endless

Column Two

  1. Inkwell
  2. Treasure
  3. Waitress
  4. Keeper
  5. Bird
  6. Corps
  7. Traveler
  8. Padlock
  9. Comet
  10. Elf
  11. Starfish
  12. Medallion
  13. Absinthe
  14. Rats
  15. Reason
  16. Crusade
  17. Nebula
  18. Screwdriver
  19. Snowflake
  20. Forge

152 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Randomized Title Rears Its Head”

  1. I got 4 and 7: Night Traveler. Ask me how bad I wanted to cheat? I mean, God’s Own Elf sounds so freaking hysterical. I might have to write it anyway. Later, I guess. For now, I’ll be good (okay, let’s not lie, I’ll be honest) and write Night Traveler. I hope he gets stuck between dimensions, or in the New York City subway… the bastard.

    • Though I should probably warn those who go to read it that the inkwells in question are being, er, thrown at people. And the relationship might read as abusive to people unfamiliar with the context. So please be cautious with that if that’s something you’d prefer not to read! <3

  2. Took me a few more days than I planned, but I wasn’t going to NOT take part in the Random Title challenge.

    Kids are having a run of bad luck in my stories of late. I wonder what that says about me. Whatever… for your dystopian future, science-fiction, euthanasia-embracing societal curiosities, here’s “The Screaming Comet”.


  3. I would like to preface this post by saying that first, this is my second time participating. I’m not used to writing flash fiction (novellas are more my speed). In my Other Non-Pseudonym Life, I’m taking a hiatus from writing YA fiction to try my hand at writing erotic fiction. Second, I’m an aspiring erotic fiction author and any future stories I plan to write will be about the build-up of a relationship that leads to sex (not erotica. Yes, there really is a difference). With that being said, my forays into flash fiction may or may not include full-on intimacy. I’m new to this genre so please bear with me. LOL

    Here’s my story, Heaven’s Treasure: http://wetpantystories.com/2014/12/18/wps-shawties-heavens-treasure/

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