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Tiny Little Tiddle Drops Of Newsy-Woozy Booky Bits


A few flares shot up in the darkness, here —

Two new anthologies have landed, each containing a short story of mine.

First up: Dangerous Games, from Solaris, a SFF anthology about playing games. Features my story, “Big Man.” (A story about road rage, highway races, and the expectations of masculinity.) Features stories by Hilary Monahan, Pat Cadigan, Lavie Tidhar, Nik Vincent, and more. (Particularly exciting being in an anthology with Pat Cadigan — really, she was my introduction to cyberpunk way back when, so sharing pages with her? So cool.) Edited by Jon Oliver.

Second up: Trouble in the Heartland, an anthology of crime stories, each with a title based on a Bruce Springsteen song. Features my story, “Queen of the Supermarket.” (A story about a man’s obsession with a supermarket checkout girl.) Features some of my favorite crime writers: Hilary Davidson, Chris Holm, Todd Robinson, and oh, holy shit, Dennis Lehane. Note that some of the proceeds for this anthology go toward the Bob Woodruff Foundation, helping injured veterans. (Note: not related to my own Heartland young adult series.) Edited by Joe Clifford.

Dangerous Games: Amazon | B&N | Indiebound

Trouble in the Heartland: Amazon | B&N | Indiebound

(Also a good time to remind you that both of my Heartland books — Under the Empyrean Sky and Blightborn are both two bucks a piece for your Kindle till the end of December.)