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Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Song Title Story Challenge

Last week’s challenge: randomized title challenge!

This week is easy enough:

I want you to pull up a random song. You can do this on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, whatever music service or library you choose. Then I want you to take the title of the song it randomly chooses and make that title your story title. You aren’t required to take inspiration from the song’s music or lyrics, though that’s certainly an option.

That’s it, really.

I am going to make this the last flash fiction challenge of the year, so I’m going to open up the word count a good bit — 3,000 words or less. So, you’ve got a higher ceiling than usual (and this isn’t really flash fiction anymore, at least in terms of length). The deadline, though, we’ll keep at a week just so the speed of the thing remains in play somewhat.

Due by next Friday, noon EST.

Write it at your online space.

Drop a link back here in the comments.

If you’re so inclined to also link to a place where we can hear the song: extra cool.

Grab a song and write.

And have a great holiday, word-nerds. SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE.