Flash Fiction Challenge: Holiday Horror Extravaganza!

The holidays are a fun time, yeah?

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, a stretch of joyous merriment! Tinsel and blinky lights! Snow and elves and great meals and good cheer and magic all around.

Which sounds to me like a phenomenal recipe for horror.

The holidays are in fact ripe with horror — meat and candy, mythological creatures who spy on you, winter hellscapes, animated toys. So many options for terror!

And so, that is your job, this week. To write a flash fiction — let’s up the story length to 2000 words — where you write a holiday horror story. Theme it to this time of year and to the holidays nestled in over the next month, and have fun with it. You can be gory or reserved, you can aim for psychological horror or more mythic madness. Lovecraftian? Slasher tale? Ghost story?


Your story is due by next Friday, noon EST.

Post at your website and link back here.

Ho ho ho horror! On monster, on necromancer, on vomit, on cancer!


Oh! And this is also the time when I recommend the EROTIC HORROR CLASSIC —

Santa Steps Out.

By Robert Devereaux.

Now on Kindle.

It is seriously fucking amazing.

No, I’m not kidding.

74 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Holiday Horror Extravaganza!”

  1. Horror Buddha here. How do I get my own website? I would like to enter this flash fiction contest. Thanks.

  2. This will be fun! Years ago I brought my three sons to see Santa. Santa’s Elf was a young girl dressed as an elf. She was also 9 months pregnant. Not a horror story, but I had to sit down because I was laughing so hard. Santa got up a chimney? Ho ho ho!

  3. I was at first delighted by this challenge, but now I feel a bit upset by what I’ve written. I guess even in my jaded, irreverent heart, there are still some things I hold sacred. Then along comes Chuck and shatters my holiday happiness.

    Santa takes a turn in this one. It ain’t pretty. Here’s “All in One Night”.


    • Anybody else look at their submissions AFTER they have hit publish and think: Gosh, there’s a lot wrong here. Anyone ever go back post-publish and edit? Or do you just leave it alone and move on?

      • Yes, I had the same thought! It’s on my website, so I edit for things that are clearly wrong like spelling or if there’s an unreadable passage. But for me, the challenge of flash-fiction is sitting at my keyboard for the hours it takes to finish a story and then seeing what I’ve got. Others might have a different take, I don’t think there are any rules!

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