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A Statement On The “Nerdtivity” Contest

The other day, Kevin Hearne and I announced the Nerdtivity Contest. It is, in short, a contest to make a nativity scene out of nerdy, geeky, or pop culturey toys.

It’s a fun contest!

Some folks are not entirely thrilled with the contest, believing it to be in some way anti-Christian.

And a couple folks have asked that we stop the contest.


Here’s the deal.

We’re gonna keep the contest going. And here’s why:

We’re not attempting to denigrate anyone’s religion and we don’t think that placing geeky toys in a manger does any damage to one’s faith or one’s ability to practice that faith. We understand if you don’t want to participate! And, regrettably, we understand if for some reason you feel like this is a very good reason to stop reading this blog or our books. But we believe this does no harm to anyone’s religion (and strictly speaking, a nativity is just a birth scene — we’re not mocking Christianity, nor are we mocking any religion that has any kind of sacred birth at its center).

As a personal note, while it is never my goal to offend, I also don’t particularly mind offending people. I do mind hurting people, and that’s usually my metric for these kinds of things. Am I hurting anyone? Persecuting them? I like to think that’s not what’s happening here. (Further, my books are frequently pretty darn offensive. Hell, this blog is offensive on the daily.)

So: contest is still on!

*blows whistle*