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The “Kevin And Chuck Want You To Make A Nerdtivity” Contest!

Once upon a time, my wife and I took a cheap empty Nativity scene.

And we turned it into the Nerdtivity.

Then we did it three more times.

I have not done it in five years and I was pondering doing when again.

I pondered so publicly on THE TWITTERS, and there my good friend and bestselling bad-ass author extraordinaire Kevin Hearne said (and I’m paraphrasing here):

“Fuck yeah, we should do a contest.”

And I was like, fuck yeah, we should do a contest.

And so, here we are, telling you to make your own Nerdtivity scene and send it to us. Kevin and I will pick our favorite, and then you guys will pick your favorites, and then for the halibut we’ll also pick a couple random entrants.


Here There Be Prizes

Grand Prize Winner (one chosen by Kevin and Chuck) gets:

A Complete! Signed! Set! (books 1-7) of the IDC UK editions from Kevin! Such a set doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. Seriously.

A turbo-rare SNACK OF THE SEX MANTIS mug from Kevin: a pulp classic by Beauregard Fat!

One terribleminds t-shirt (either: Certified Penmonkey or Art Harder, Motherfucker)

One terribleminds mug (choice of: Certified Penmonkey, Secret of Writing, Art Harder [NSFW or SFW versions!}, or Writer Juice)

One signed set of the Miriam Black trilogy (Blackbirds, Mockingbird, Cormorant), all in mass market paperback (these versions are going out of print December 31st!)

One signed set of the first two books of the Heartland series (Under the Empyrean Sky, Blightborn), both in hardcover.

Second Prize Winners (two chosen by audience) get:

Any one signed IDC book of their choice from Kevin.

A Rula Bula embroidered polo shirt in either M or XL from Kevin. They don’t make them anymore!

One signed copy of The Kick-Ass Writer

One terribleminds mug (choice of: Certified Penmonkey, Secret of Writing, or Art Harder)

Third Prize Winners (two chosen randomly) get:

One signed IDC book by Kevin (book of your choice)

A shitload of e-books by Chuck (writing books, plus some fiction thrown in)

The Rules

You get one entry. Multiple entries disqualifies you.

Send your photo to terribleminds at gmail dot com.

[Edit: make sure the word “NERDTIVITY” is in your subject header of the email!]

Your photo is due by 11:59PM on the dreaded Sunday the 14th of December.

Kevin and I will pick our favorites that week, and then you guys will have some time to pick your favorites, too. And then we’ll pick the random winners and everyone will celebrate by getting drunk on Kevin’s lawn. I’m pretty sure that’s the plan, anyway?

Contest only open to those in the United States unless you’re willing to front the costs of your own shipping because for reals, that stuff can get hellishly expensive. DAMN YOU, GLOBAL DISTANCE.

The Not-Quite Rules

Your Nerdtivity can be anything, really, outside the norm of the normal Nativity scene, though obviously the intent is to aim for that axis of geeky / nerdy / pop-culturey. Have fun. Be funny. Embrace your own inner nerdtivity. Photoshop is acceptable, though bad Photoshop won’t do you any favors. Really bad Photoshop can be sorta awesome, though, so YMMV.

That’s it.

Any questions, pop ’em in the comments below.

Before we flee, too — here’s Kevin’s Nerdtivity: “The dread lord Morpheus presides over the birth of Neo in the Matrix, who dreams of the Dreaming and Adventure Time while a masked 1920’s Sandman tells him what to fear most in life.”