Flash Fiction Challenge: 1,667

Last week’s challenge: The Sub-Genre Smash-And-Grab

This week is pretty easy.

If you’re doing NaNoWriMo, here’s a place to share your 1,667 words (if you were so inclined).

That’s it. Easy-peasy.

(Every week won’t be devoted to this, but I thought it’d be interesting if folks cared to offer up their first day’s writing on the slab.)

Post at your blog, link back here.

Please to enjoy.

65 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: 1,667”

  1. I’m pleased to introduce my NaNo novel beginning, mainly because it was inspired by the “Roll for your title” prompt a couple weeks ago–which was the first challenge I ever did here. So, thanks. Though I technically started on this then, it has changed some, including transitioning from third-person POV to first-person present this morning.
    Please enjoy the beginning of *The Dead Girl’s Lighthouse*

  2. Here’s the start of my NaNoWriMo writing for this year: http://www.humming-rain.com/2013/11/01/flash-fiction-friday-1667/

    It’s actually a continuation of work on a novel I was chipping away at last year (independent of NaNoWriMo), but rest assured this is ~1900 words of completely new writing. No way I’m going to use my old writing to help me cheat wordcount. Still, I’m not exactly starting at the beginning. But I tried to structure this so it can stand, more or less, on its own.

    Hope you all enjoy it!. 🙂

  3. when some one submits a story or part of it, is it protected in any way? A local writer said it is not a good idea to e-mail your work. I can appreciate Brown’s comment of “chipping away at a novel.” Or maybe building a sky scraper one brick at a time.

  4. Here’s the start of my unedited ‘vomit draft’ as Chuck so eloquently put it during one of his blog posts (i think it was the 25 ways to plot/plan/outline your novel). This is just part of the 2,335 words i’ve spewed out since midnight last night, of my story called The Secret Carriers. This’ll be the one and only time i’ll be posting part of my NaNo story online… Hope you enjoy (and I apologize for any typos etc. Like i said, it’s unedited right now, but since i’m not planning on sharing anything else of it…meh http://arrawyn.wix.com/caitlinmccoll#!blog/ckky

    • Great dialogue! Definitely makes me want to know what’s going on with this ship! I have been working on a space opera myself before NaNo and it ain’t easy. The characters have a lot of personality (something I struggle with). I guess I don’t know the main character yet, Zayr, but I would probably be more pissed off getting questioned like that by a subordinate. Anyway it’s damn good! Good luck this month!

  5. 773, that met my goal. I’m content for now. Keep the kick-ass insipragement coming. It’s really making the difference.

    • * inspiragement (inspiration /encouragement) not cool when you have to explain your made up word stuffed up by autocorrect.
      Anyways, keep it coming, it’s really doin’ it for me 🙂

  6. […] Chuck Wendig Challenge is to post your first 1,667 words.  Which I have here from my current novel project.  Grey Eye Mind, which was inspired by Grey Eye Suicide a flash fiction challenge I did earlier in the year. […]

  7. I did a Nanowrimo launch party last night, till about 3:30ish in the morning, and did a bit more writing when woke up, getting a pretty nice total all around. I decided to only put up the first 1667 words, because the whole thing would be to long. A special thanks to Chuck Wendig for this novel project. The character, setting, were inspired by one of his challenges, the check out random tropes on tvtropes.com.

    This is about one fourth or so into the story. I started writing the novel before Nanowrimo, but decided this was a good time to jump back into it.


  8. Anything I like? Hmmmmm… I am working on a piece where I’m kinda stuck at what can happen next…


    It might be a little over the number, but if I had uploaded the whole chapter it would have been over 17,000 words… so, it’s half of that around about… 😀 And I’ve taken you back far enough into it so you know what’s happened to the character in question. 😀


    And do feel free to let me know what you think, and what you think should happen next… I need help with finishing this chapter. Oh… there’s more to this book on the Fry Nelson blog too… the first book or so if you’d like to go and have a look. 😉

  9. I’ve been working on plotting and scheming and figuring out this piece through most of September. It’s based on a short story I wrote about 6 years ago, from a sentence that a friend gave me to write about. I’d say it’s Paranormal Romance, with a little Urban Fantasy thrown in for good measure. Below is my first day’s writing. I present to you, the link to the beginning of The Inhabitors. 1671 words.


  10. LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!! (Sorry, sticky CapsLock key, gotta do something about that.) Instead of my usual writing from a stream of consciousness and seeing where the story and characters wander (which is fun with 1,000 words, not so much with 80,000 words), I’ve actually got a destination for the end of this one. Whether or not I get there is something else altogether. We’ll see. I plan on posting each day’s work throughout the whole month. (No pressure!)

    Here’s today’s first installment, 2,858 words.


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