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Horror In Three Sentences: My Faves, And The Winners

These are my ten favorites, with the three winners listed at the bottom. Note: I sent emails to the winners already but if you didn’t get the email (I used the ones attached to your comments), gimme a shout at terribleminds at gmail dot com.

The call from her daughter was brief, just a panicked “Mom, he’s” and a truncated scream as the line went dead. The authorities searched for three torturous months, every long day more desperate than the last. A year later she began returning home via UPS, one gift-wrapped organ at a time. — Momdude

A little birdy looked at me, and its eyes began to glow–like something possessed, I thought at best, so I said, “It’s time to go!”
I started to leave, and I grabbed my girl, but she stopped and shook her head: “I like it here,” she said with a grin, “Let’s feed the birds instead.”
Her eyes glowed too, so I killed her, quick, though the waste was just absurd; I felt a bit foolish my girlfriend got ghoulish, so I stomped the hell out of the bird. – zer_netmouse

I have no explanation for why I dragged a dead man down my stairs and tied him to a chair in my basement. He had my name, my wallet and id; he had my face. I was so sure he was dead until his eyes shot open and he said, “It’s too late to change it now.”
 — Gabriel Ramos

“I’m alone. You’re not real.”
“Goodnight, Mommy.”  erincopland

At first they bled and twitched beneath her steady hands like newborn hatchlings.

Soon, hundreds of eyes moved in unison as they followed the quivering movement of her thread and needle.

When the task was done, the maid, now a crone let the thousands of hands propel her forward so she could join the quilt of human flesh. – Francesca Carrillo

The doctor said, “Just a little spider-bite, son, nothing to worry about.” Then the first new moon came and the worst part wasn’t the segmenting of the limbs I already have, bones cracking and skin thickening under newly coarse hair—it was the four extras that pulled themselves out of my ribcage. This silver rope connecting a tree branch to my neck is here because I got used most of it—to the Thirst; to the pale bodies the next morning; to avoiding mirrors—just never could get used to the way the little ones felt so at home with me, crawling everywhere, even when I had half the legs and the moon was bright. – Paul Hamilton

Daddy left yesterday and mummy cried all day. I found her sleeping in the car this morning and curled up next to her. It was easy to fall asleep, even with the engine running. – garethwiscombe

It hummed towards me on thousands of impossibly light feet, so immense that the plate-like sections of the millipede’s long body could have served as armor for a warhorse. They creaked like ancient leather as the insect paused to run one antenna over my bound body, and I couldn’t even scream. It appeared to be dinner time. – Aimee Kuzenski

I look at the sky, hoping for snow-bringing clouds, while I try hard to ignore all the movement underneath the layers of brown and yellow that cover the ground. The piles of dead leaves are closer again, it seems. With a tremble, I’m beginning to realize that this autumn may never end. – mbizzare

The man on the phone says, “Any moron can get into the house, but I’m the only one who can get you out, as long as you haven’t eaten or drunk anything inside.”

“Why, what happens then?” I ask, glancing from the phone to the half-empty glass in my hand.

He pauses a minute, then says, “Well, then you belong to the house.” – nytwriter227

So, that’s the bunch that I really liked.

Top three, for me?

nytwriter227 because, hey, I wanna read more.

mbizzarre because who thought eternal autumn would be so creepy?


erincopland for not just three sentences, but a mere seven words to get to the horror.

Emails away!

And well-done, you weirdos.