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Flash Fiction Challenge: The Subgenre Smash-And-Grab

Last week’s challenge: Random Song Title.

First, a bit of housekeeping — I still gotta go through the rest of the 300+ entries on “horror in three sentences” contest. So many good options there it’s actually hurting me internally to try to choose. Goal is to have the winners chosen by the end of the weekend!

Now, onto the challenge.

This week, I wrote a thing about how I fucking love me some genre fiction.

So, you know, it seems appropriate that we enter into this next flash fiction challenge by enacting my favorite challenge: the subgenre mash-up.

Gander upon the list of 20 subgenres below. Roll a d20 or fiddle with your favorite random number generator and choose two subgenres.

From there, write ~1000 word short story that mashes up both.

Post at your online space. Link back here so we can read!

Due by next Friday, November 1st. Noon EST.

Given that Halloween is coming up, you’ll note more of these are horror than usual.

To the subgenremobile!

  1. Slasher Horror
  2. Space Opera
  3. Lovecraftian
  4. Erotic Fantasy
  5. Post-Apocalyptic Horror
  6. Mythology
  7. Haunted House
  8. Fairy Tale
  9. Occult Horror
  10. Alien Invasion
  11. Vampires
  12. Hardboiled
  13. Psychological Horror
  14. Technothriller
  15. Southern Gothic
  16. Dieselpunk
  17. Zombies
  18. Superhero
  19. Bizarro
  20. Artificial Intelligence