And Now, I Give Thee: Pandemic 41.410806, -75.654259

Earlier in the week, I said, “Hey, check out this short story collection.”

Middle of the week — aka, um, now — I say, “Hey, check out this short film.”

Sundance has been very kind to our little film and given it lots of great attention. Not only is it a big part of this year’s Sundance 2011 app, but now it’s online at the Sundance screening room.

I’ve embedded it here for ease (might I recommend full-screen?) but I encourage you to check out the screening room for other gems of cinematic goodness.

Funny story — when I went to… I think it was the second day of filming? The first thing I encountered was the scene with “Mom” on the bed. A bed pink with fluids. Her head swaddled in stained sheets. And Bree (Alexia Rasmussen) sitting by the bed, a revolver in her lap.

Awesome. Crazy to see stuff you helped write come to life. Grim, fluid-stained life.

Anyway. Check out the film. I know I’m proud of it, and I think Lance did a bang-up job of bringing our storyworld — or, at least, a glimpse of it — to life. Make no mistake: he’s a visionary.

Of course, it doesn’t stop here. We’ve got the feature film moving toward fruition, and during Sundance will be the Pandemic storyworld experience. What’s that, you ask?

Well. Just wait. You’ll see. Expect something pretty crazy-go-nuts.

But it doesn’t stop there. Sinister plans circulate. They fester like a sickness, they do.

Keep your eyes peeled.

31 responses to “And Now, I Give Thee: Pandemic 41.410806, -75.654259”

  1. Damn, I don’t know what I was expecting, but that short was great. I see a lot of movies and I like to think I know something about them. This short was professional on every level. You’ve really got something there.

    As an aside, what camera was used to shoot it? πŸ™‚

  2. That’s a naughty little tease. I can’t wait until more of this story opens up. You and Lance, in the span of 9 minutes, have wrought something most writers/directors take hours to do half as well.

    • @Kate:

      Yeah, this is really just the beginning.

      Er, I don’t mean that this is the beginning to another film — this is an encapsulated 9 minute start-to-finish film (the feature doesn’t involve these characters). But it is the opening to our storyworld, the HiM (Hope Is Missing) setting.

      — c.

  3. I want more of this world, this situation, these characters. I have questions that demand answers that can only come from more of this fantastic storytelling.

    Consider my appetite awakened. Bravo, gentlemen.

  4. Beard~!
    Okay that rocked. Creepy. Loads of hints of badness. Awesome teaser. Loved whatever that weird jelly breathing thing was. Eek!
    With all the apocalyptic love going around the last couple of years, you guys are in the right time for this.
    Now to share this with some other peeps. Heh heh

  5. I really liked this. I found myself wanting more- it ended way too soon for my greedy self. I would have liked more dialog, but that would come later anyway. I can’t wait for more! Well done to you and the team!

  6. Really cool short, Chuck!

    BTW, I found it weird that at the location of the coordinates given, Google Maps shows a lot of sunburnt street-level pics. I wonder what that means… That house on Madison Avenue is beautiful, but it’s not the one on the short, or is it?

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