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  • News, Things, Stuff And Other Items Of (Un)Import

    OH SO VERY MUCH GOING ON. So much that the above sentence demanded caps lock. First: I was at Worldcon. I did a recap. I’m told my books sold out there. YAY PANCAKES AND LIQUOR. Second: Holy crapstacks! I’m rocking the cover of Foursquare Magazine this month?! Then: Hey! Look! Mary Robinette Kowal was kind […]

  • Things I Learned While Writing Mockingbird

    (Be advised: I’m doing another Reddit AMA all day today, so swing by and ask me, well, anything.) I’ll dispense with the self-promo bloggerel right now: HOLY CRAP MOCKINGBIRD IS OUT *jumps up and down, froths at the mouth, kicks computer monitor through the window, throws up on self* Available for in print and e-book […]

  • My Official Worldcon Schedule (And Other Newsworthy Snidbits)

    You can find the official WorldCon schedule here. But, if you’re a bonafide bonded-and-licensed Wendigo Hunter and you’re looking for me specifically, well, then, here’s your best bets for tracking me down this upcoming weekend in Chicago: Thursday, 8/30: I arrive in an ornithopter whose wings are formed from the skin of the Mighty Humbaba! […]

  • The Return Of Painting With Shotguns

    It’s Monday, and Monday cares little for order. Monday is a child of chaos. Monday is a typhoon. Monday is birdshot. Monday is broken glass. Here, then, is just a crazy slapdash pile of things shoved into a cannon and shot into your midsection. CHOOM. • Bait Dog: An Atlanta Burns Novel is available. Did […]

  • Bait Dog, And Other Updates!

    First up, let me say this: Bait Dog is done. Like, done-done. Like, in the hands of backers. The book was hard row to hoe — Atlanta is an easy character to write and, in the technical sense, this book was easy, too. It leaped up out of me — I barely had to facilitate its birth.

  • Blackbirds Giveaway

    As you’ll note here, Angry Robot failed to notice the curious blue powder I drizzled into their drinks and, as such, were bombed into such a stupor that they decided to re-up with me for another two books. I know, right? What’s wrong with them? Whatever the case, that means that you’ll see a new book from me called The Blue Blazes, and a third (!) Miriam Black book, The Cormorant.