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So much that the above sentence demanded caps lock.

First: I was at Worldcon. I did a recap. I’m told my books sold out there. YAY PANCAKES AND LIQUOR.

Second: Holy crapstacks! I’m rocking the cover of Foursquare Magazine this month?!

Then: Hey! Look! Mary Robinette Kowal was kind enough to host a silly doof like me over at her site where I discuss My Favorite Bit of Mockingbird. (Hint: it’s about how authors scare themselves.)

And: I was the featured author at LitStack! In this interview, I talk about things like: sperm! angels! bears riding panthers! death! minions! time travel! Also: learn the truth about Hiram’s Fibertangle!

Also: calls Mockingbird a “shocking, twisting beast of a book!”

And: Waiting for Fairies calls it a “twisty mind-fuck of a tale!”

Leah Rhyne says of the book: “Wendig offers a master class in writing suspense and horror.”

The Eloquent Page says: “I think we may have to start collectively fearing this author. I mean, I can only assume that Mr. Wendig has made some sort of Faustian deal with the Dark Gods. Perhaps his books, and their addictive crack-like quality, are only the first step in some far more diabolical scheme? It appears that the dark side doesn’t only offer cookies, they also have Chuck Wendig. Mockingbird is a darker-than-dark adult flavored urban fantasy that will mess with your head in the best of ways.”

Notes from the Belfry adds: “A sequel that’s as good as the first, possibly better, Mockingbird also significantly ups both character development and the creep-factor, with Miriam facing a truly insidious and deeply disturbing adversary.” And then they kindly slap it with a five out of five.

Of Blackbirds, the Murder by the Book blog says: “Miriam Black is the most troubled, sexiest, spookiest clarivoyant you’d ever hope to meet in a novel.” Also: “This author can flat out write.” Woo!

Oh, and finally:


We’ve had an ocarina.

We had kick-ass art (and art, and art, and art)

We had a rad photo (and photoset).

And also, an image of a crow CARRYING AWAY MY SEVERED HEAD.

But, for a winner, I gotta go with:

JD SAVAGE! (AKA Jeff Davis?)

Because this image tickles my nethers:

Thanks, JD! You nailed the “batshit highway witch” aspect nicely.

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And thanks to all the rest of you: Amber Love, Ashley Neuhaus, David Grigg, Alan Smithee, Angie Mansfield, Tonia Brown, LeeAnna Holt, and, uhh, anybody my Swiss Cheese brain is forgetting.