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The Three-Headed Mockingbird: A Giveaway

You already know this, but Mockingbird drops at the end of the month. Available for preorder in at:

Amazon (US)

Amazon (UK)

Barnes & Noble


In the time before release (nnngh), I want to deliver unto you a contest.

Except, I’m far too scatter-brained for one contest.

So, buckity-fuck it. Let’s do three.

Contest Numero Uno: Art For Art

Runs until: Wednesday, September 5th, 2012, noon EST.

I want to give you a full-size poster of either the Blackbirds or the Mockingbird cover.

Art by the ass-kicking Joey Hi-Fi.

(Full-size will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 20″ x 30″ — probably semi-glossy)

How? I want to see some fan art.

Could be anything at all: fine art, graphic design, photography, music, video, crafts, food, whatever.

One exception: no written word. You can use words that are already written in Blackbirds or Mockingbird (for those who have rec’d an early copy), but I’m not looking for new writing.

It’s all about the art. Art for art, that’s the deal.

[EDIT: To be clear and to reiterate, I am looking for fan art. Meaning, not art from fans but art related to Miriam Black, Blackbirds, Mockingbird, something, anything tied to the story/character.]

Multiple entries okay, though you risk diluting your Original Awesomeness.

Send to me either at terribleminds at gmail, or post a link in the comments below.

If you need a mailing address, email me.

Note: I don’t own anything you do, but by submitting it to this contest you’re letting me have my way with it. I won’t sell it or anything, but I have permission to show it here and on social media.

Open to international, but if you’re not in the United States, you’ll have to pay shipping.

Contest Nummer Zwei: Books For Books

Runs until: [EDIT] Monday, August 27th, 2012, noon EST.

I want to give you a bundle of Wendigian books. All physical copies.

What physical copies, you ask?

Double Dead (trade pb). Blackbirds (mmpb). Dinocalypse Now (hardcover). Human Tales anthology (featuring my story,”The Toll”). Fireside Magazine #1 (featuring “Emerald Lakes” an Atlanta Burns story). And, finally, Bait Dog (softcover).

All devalued with my autograph, if you so choose.

How to win this?

You pre-order Mockingbird, is how.

Then you email me proof of said pre-order (a receipt of some ilk will do nicely) to terribleminds at gmail.

At noon on 8/29, I’ll pick a random winner from those who have emailed me pre-order proof.

Again: open to international participants. Those outside these 50 states will need to pay postage, however.

Contest Numbah Tree: Meat For Tweets

Runs until: Tomorrow (August 7th, 2012), noon EST.

This one is easy.

Tweet a tweet with a link to this blog post.

The Three-Headed Mockingbird: A Giveaway

Or shortened:

And make sure it has the hashtag:


The tweet can contain whatever else you want, long as it has those two things, link and hashtag.

One entry per person, if you please. Multiple tweets won’t help you.

I’ll pick three random winners tomorrow at noon to receive a free e-copy of the new Miriam Black book.

That’s it. Three things to win, three ways to win ’em.

Spread the word!

And, as always, thanks, folks. Without you guys, these books wouldn’t even exist.