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  • In Which I Am Interviewed, And Captured On Film Like The Sasquatch

    I am interviewed! On video, no less. Which is always an awkward experiment that I hesitate to punish you with — but there it is, just the same. I assume you’ll forgive me. Just stare into the beard. It makes all things better. Warmer. Fuzzier. Anyway. I talk about all kinds of stuff: traditional publishing […]

  • My Official Worldcon Schedule (And Other Newsworthy Snidbits)

    You can find the official WorldCon schedule here. But, if you’re a bonafide bonded-and-licensed Wendigo Hunter and you’re looking for me specifically, well, then, here’s your best bets for tracking me down this upcoming weekend in Chicago: Thursday, 8/30: I arrive in an ornithopter whose wings are formed from the skin of the Mighty Humbaba! […]

  • NSFW: The Collected Profanity Of Blackbirds And Mockingbird (Book Trailer)

    And here, then, for your… erm, amusement and/or edification, the new “book trailer” for BLACKBIRDS and MOCKINGBIRD. I pulled out the profanity of the book, strung it together into a wall of vulgar gibberish, then I read it aloud. Here it is. I’m so sorry.

  • Things That Are Happening Now Or That Will Happen Soon: An Update!

    Time to wiggle my toes in the waters of Wuzza, Wooza, Wendig? Here’s what’s going on: Sabrina Ogden is one of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever encountered in this life (and likely in any other). She’s also a darling book blogger and an all-around wonderful human being. At present, Sabrina needs […]

  • My Father Ate Really Weird Things

    My father was a farmer, not a foodie. He ate and drank normal things most of the time, of course — steak a favorite, maybe a Beck’s beer. Or at night, a blackberry brandy. Or a blended Scotch like Dewar’s. But between the margins lived very curious choices of food. He’d eat whole cloves of […]

  • New Interview And New News

    So, it’s like this: recently, thanks to Gwenda Bond and Jeff Vandermeer, I was afforded the opportunity to interview one of my writing idols — horror and storytelling legend, Robert McCammon. There was, of course, no hesitation on my part; the guy tells amazing stories. I lay the blame of my decision to become a […]