In Which I Am Interviewed, And Captured On Film Like The Sasquatch

I am interviewed!

On video, no less. Which is always an awkward experiment that I hesitate to punish you with — but there it is, just the same. I assume you’ll forgive me. Just stare into the beard. It makes all things better.



Anyway. I talk about all kinds of stuff: traditional publishing versus self-publishing, metaphor, horror, outlining, porn. I round the bases. I cover all the essential elemental elements and essences.

Thanks to Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn for having me.

If you don’t want to watch the video, you can catch a text recap at her site, which also features an audio podcast version. Please to enjoy.

10 responses to “In Which I Am Interviewed, And Captured On Film Like The Sasquatch”

  1. “I’ve been following you for a year now.” sounds much creepier and stalkerish when said aloud then written on a blog. :/

    Also, does a sociopath ever really feel like a sociopath? Isn’t that sort of the harbinger of psychopathy — lack of empathy or emotional capacity. So if someone doesn’t feel like a sociopath, they could in fact be a sociopath. (dun…dun…dun…)

    (btw– Wendi G Charles peeeeeeeeeeeeeerfect penname for YA 😀 )

  2. I would posit that a sociopath always feels exactly like a sociopath, at least once they become aware of such things.

    The sense of being above society’s pitiable rules, the feeling of superiority when examining their peers, their viewing others as little more than potential prey …

    Hey … stop looking at me like that …


    Now, I’d also wager that many pyschopaths have no idea that they are one. I’ve known at least one of those, and I doubt he ever thought himself crazy … and he was quite literally a murderous nutter.

  3. Gru’ud, your second paragraph nails it.

    Chuck, unless you’ve done this before, stories about sociopaths/psychopaths fascinate people. A person would have to be a total shut-in not to have run across one, and even then, the caregiver might be a sociopath.

  4. I found this interview quite helpful, particularly your admission that you were not a natural outliner. I just suck at outlining and I am sure it is holding me back but I don’t know quite how to improve. Have you written a 25 List on this skill that is eluding me like a meth-addicted squirrel?

  5. FINALLY got a chance to sit down and listen to this. As someone brand-new to the “legit” authoring world, I can’t tell you how much inspiration I’ve gotten from your blogging and random Twittering. Because that would be weird, and I don’t think we know each other well enough for that, yet. But thank you – I’ve just picked up BAIT DOG to see what twisted shit is acceptable in YA. Maybe between you and Francesca Lia Block, I’ll get my feet.

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