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So, it’s like this: recently, thanks to Gwenda Bond and Jeff Vandermeer, I was afforded the opportunity to interview one of my writing idols — horror and storytelling legend, Robert McCammon. There was, of course, no hesitation on my part; the guy tells amazing stories. I lay the blame of my decision to become a writer at his feet, in fact, thanks to books like Swan Song and Boy’s Life. He’s got a new book out — The Providence Rider — and we talked about that and his career and what he’s got coming up in the future.

You’ll find the interview over at Amazon’s Omnivoracious blog.

Also: checkout my review of The Providence Rider, while you’re at it.

Udder Noose

First up: I will be signing Blackbirds at the Doylestown Bookshop from 7-9pm.

If you are somewhere in the Northeast, YOU MUST COME. Or I will be suicidal with disappointment.

Also, I don’t think I linked to it at the blog yet, so…

Hey, did you see I got a kick-ass review of Blackbirds over at io9?

From that review: “In terms of style, Wendig reminds me most of Stephen King. There’s a way of using somewhat fevered, rugose prose to describe both the beauty and horror of the mundane, then switching to a plainer mode when describing the outer limits stuff, that brings to mind King’s 80s and 90s work.”

Also, a very lovely review of Blackbirds at The Guardian.

From that review: “Building a fast-paced story through clever interweaving of viewpoints and flashback, Blackbirds follows what Miriam does when she knows that fate can never be denied. It’s vivid and violent, with some pyrotechnic turns of phrase, if occasionally rough round the edges. If you’re looking for a sassy, hard-boiled thriller with a paranormal slant, Wendig has established himself as the go-to man.”

Also, the Guardian apparently thinks that I am part of the forefront of “New Pulp.”

From that article: “Then there’s Chuck Wendig. Some would be satisfied just to be the author of Dinocalypse Now – but not Wendig. The American author has built on his growing cult following with the crowd-funded and self-published Atlanta Burns novellas, and the outstanding urban fantasy novel Blackbirds from UK publisher Angry Robot. Wendig’s books, which blend noir and urban fantasy tropes with the gritty reality of contemporary America in a unique trailer-trash gothic style, are proof positive that pulp need not lack depth, emotion or originality. He’s also a prolific blogger; an essential criteria for today’s ambitious pulp fictioneer, when your readership are only ever a tweet away.”

Finally, literary bad-ass Seanan McGuire gives the book a very kind review.

From that review: “Miriam is like that. Her life is one long game of Penis. She swears, she’s inappropriately lewd (which is different from appropriately lewd, although she does that, too), she goes for the shock value, because she wants to keep people away. I think this book contained more instances of the word “fuck” than the unrated cut of Clerks. But here’s the kicker: Chuck Wendig isn’t playing Penis with you. He manages to write a protagonist who’s all about the shock, but the book never feels like the author is trying to shock you. He’s just telling you what happened. It’s a travelogue of tragedy, and it’s beautiful and terrible, and it couldn’t have happened any other way.”

And that’s all she wrote, folks.

35 responses to “New Interview And New News”

  1. Not only am I in the Northeast, but google maps claims that I am less than an hour’s drive from Doylestown.

    There. Suicide cancelled.

  2. No, I just tell people my opinion and tell them what I feel, even if they don’t like it. I simply don’t see the need to spend money on gas driving from my Western Massachusetts home to spend money on a book I can order on Amazon. I’ve read some of your stuff. It’s not bad. But to be considered “good” in my book, you have to write something that’s at least a small challenge to put down. You don’t have to grab me by the balls with an epic page-turner, but at least get me interested enough that I’d think twice before putting said book down. Most of your books just don’t have that factor.

    But keep in mind I mentioned before that I’m a Sci-Fi/ Fantasy writer. I’m turned off by traditional fiction. I’m the kind of person that’ll rather make a world from scratch than plop my guys in another version of our world, unless said version was in the future and it was so changed it was as if it where another world. Blackbirds I have yet to read, and from the early tip of that ice berg I predict it may be your first “good” book in my opinion.

    Names, Names, Names. These also turn me off. I’m sorry, but I’m also the kind of person that can’t take a book seriously if characters are named something like “Hugh Jabutt” or “Jet Black”. This must be just me, but when I plan out a book it takes months, and finding the right names takes up a good chunk of time. I mean come on, would you rather read a book about an epic war between the New United States led General Kiko Fextera, and the infectous parasitic Deiatra, or one with the same plot with Laim Naim and Paige Turner?

    I mean, granted you don’t have time to go through that process as you rely solely on books for income, but for guys with time like me, this method works.

    (btw for anyone who’s wondering what the fuck this method is, I basically carry around a notebook, make sketches of the characters, figure out storyline, get my shit together whenever I have time. I have multiple notebooks and I got to say, they’re pretty valuable to me. Don’t touch. No gold for you ).

    • @Mitch:

      I wouldn’t expect you to drive from Massachusetts (nor, at this point, would I want you to).

      “Jet Black” is one of the signature characters of SPIRIT OF THE CENTURY, the game upon which DINOCALYPSE NOW is based. And though I did not come up with it, I think it’s a fine name.

      If you do read BLACKBIRDS, gosh, I sure hope it makes your “good” list. That would just juice my peach.

      Good day.

      — c.

  3. @Chuck
    You are very good at playing mind games, I’ll give you that. Man, I’m really touched you don’t want me at your book scribble thing. Ahhh, I get it. You’re trying to say something mean without offending people and making you look like a cock. It’s not WHAT you say, it’s HOW you say it. Smart, smart. Taking words from my own mouth and using them against me.

    Anywho, enough crazy talk. My main problem with “Jet Back” first off all is his name is a description of something, like oh I want those jet black shoes. They’re oh so dark! Or, Sally’s hair was jet black like the color of the Grim Reaper’s cloak.

    But if I ever do get around to reading it, I’ll post a review on my friend’s blogs, or his friend’s and my cousin’s blog,

    @Gareth and Eddy

    Your logic does not make comprehension in my brain. What does a futuristic black General/ Political Leader have to do with heavy metal? Nothing! How is that funny? Does not compregend! Does not comprehend! Boooommmm !!!

    Damn it guys, I blew another casket.

  4. @ Gareth and Eddy

    Oh wow, um derp. I had no idea that name was already taken. You know what that means! Yes! Change his first name slightly!

    How embarassing…

  5. @Chuck: Congratulations on the great reviews. They are well deserved. ‘New Pulp’ doesn’t do a bad job of describing your stuff, but it falls short of capturing how impressively layered ‘Blackbirds’ is.

    @Gareth and Eddy – heh.

    @M. Chapman – …ummm. Yeah, maybe don’t troll a professional writer if you don’t want words taken from your own mouth and used against you. Which by the way sounds like that gross after-orgy table tennis they used to play at the Algonquin Club.

  6. Oh, wait. I could change his title. I mean, he could just go by General Fextera. Later on he does become the new President of the United State’s Moon Colony, soo…. no copyright infringement, Gareth, *twitch*?
    Let’s shake on it (slips taser buzzer into palm).

  7. @ Dave So basically I’m a troll now because I’m honest in my opinions and don’t believe n showering people with praise? I’m not afraid to tell people what I didn’t enjoy about the book, what I feel could be better. You know that can lead to a little thing called Constructive criticism.

    As for my other “trolling” acts, first off those questions I send Chuck where intended to be humorous. And people laughed, so it did its job. I really had no clue that people who read posts from a guy who has outright said he loves profanity and uses it as a tool for comedy would all of a sudden want me to sensor my words. Apparently I do have to. Because now I’m getting into a bit of hot water.

    Really, it seems like you’re attacking me because 1. I don’t agree with everything Chuck writed and/or like everything Chuck has written.

    If you really want to know what I was thinking when writing those rat feces encrusted e-mails, I had AskThatGuyWithTheGlasses, a popular web show that does similiar things in mind, and yes it’s one of the funniest things on the web. Doug Walker, The “Nostalgic Critic” produces it, as you may guess.

    So what can I do to erase this mark of “troll”? Nothing. I refuse to suck up to so-called “professionals” and will continue treating their work like anybody else’s, and if I don’t like something, well you can’t please everybody.

    I give credit where it’s due and admit this site has made me a better writer, Well, all that’s left to do is prove I’m not all talk. It’s apparent there’s no way I can earn people’s respect on this site through talking, so there you have it, I must pour my efforts into my books like blood into a thick cauldron during a Vampiric Ceremony.

    Excuse me, anybody else want to play some mind games? Oh yes you, what’s that? I’m a troll?

    One last thing, do you guys actually know what real trolling is? I mean do you guys just stick to your comfy cozy writing blogs in Writerland? Just go on Youtube. Some pretty horrific stuff. Just look at a MLP fanfiction. *shivers*

  8. One last thing before I retreat into the recesses of the bowels of my e-mail. I’m in the business to make bookcovers. Some very basic things I can do are n my DA:

    When I’m bored I might be nice enough to do things for free. But only is you say please 🙂

    (sorry I spelled the DA Adress wrong. Never would I know the day would come when I spelled ChapMAN ChapMAM

  9. ^

    Sorry for the confusion, the DA is

    (I spelled it m-chapmaM in my first post, but my cimputer didn.t publish it, so yeah awkward…)

    Well, I see I’m spamming up Chuck’s blog so if you want me to draw something for you don’t hesitate to leave a comment or e-mail me (it’s on the deviantart, I believe).

  10. @KG Why thank you KG. That makes me feel really happy. No shit! I don’t get is how Chuck can talk about Whale Penuses and you’re all like “ok”, but when a newbie tries to get some laughs you’re like “oh, troll! Break into the shelters!”

    I don’t know if you’re looking for me to make a full fledged apology or to hang my balls over the fireplace, I just want this bad blood to end and be able to talk to people professionally again. Hey, I had my moment, Chuck has MANY such moments in which he uses bad language, it’s not like I insulted someone directly, I DID not say Chuck Sucks a Barrel of Whake Penuses dipped in Snail Feces. That’s what NOT Happened. Go ahead. Read my exact quotes, cause I’m damn tired of this subject and want to get back to talking about what’s important. Writing. Storyline. Characters. Naked Chimps. Ok maybe not the last one but at least I know you’re paying attention.

  11. @Alisha Miller

    Is my voice silent? Does my paragraphs of expkaining what hapened not matter? You and many others naturally only listens to what Chuck says. I’m trying to get back on good terms with you ppl. What do I have to do? I’m sorry I posted hilarious comments on a website that harbors profanity! I’m sorry you’re all god damn blind! READ MY GOD DAMN COMMENTS YOU IMBECILES. I EXPLAINED EVERYTHING. Now I’m mad, thanks a lot. It’s so frustrating when I put in time and effort to set things straight and people like you just skip over it and assume Chuck is right. Chuck doesn’t even know what’s goung on.

    What do you think is going on, Chuck? You’ve been silent for awhile.

    • @Mitch:

      I think you’ve said enough. None of this is hilarious. It’s just insulting.

      You’re very, very close to the banhammer here. Please cease posting comments like these.

      — c.

  12. @Chuck

    What’s very insulting, Chuck is that I explained what I was trying to do, yet your fans still labeled me “troll”. I find that very offensive as I try very hard to get rid of trolls. I merely want us to start over and bury the hatchet. My e-mails may have come out as insulting, but they where not intended as that. Is it too hard to just cinsider our relationship purly professional? That way we can give each other advice with none of this “trolling” nonesense.

    And hey, I might just surprise you one day with some Blackbirds Fanart 🙂 As I’ve said before I’m an artist with lots of time on his hands, and a Deviantart to fill up.

    So what do you say? Professional? You help me I help you? Because you know I do have knowledge in fields you don’t (video games, Art), and I do know up and coming critics.

    • @Mitch:

      We don’t have a professional relationship.

      You are commenting on a website. That is the extent of our relationship.

      I’m not looking for your advice. Thank you for your offer but I will respectfully decline.

      — c.

  13. Well anyways I’m sorry I hurt your feelings . So… let me get this straight I can’t talk to you anymore? I mean if I can’t joke with you and I can’t treat you like I would a colleage, what can I do?

  14. Okay, so if you can’t respond, I’d at least like people to look over ALL my comments in full before judging me. As it is, well I’m not sure if I can continue writing, at least with my current pen name with this black cloud hovering over my head.

    My book titles need to be changed, I can’t live with trolling rumors assosiaceted with me. Also Chuck, if you do ta:k to me, please do not adress md as ‘mitch’ That is reserved for my friends only, and we are far from friends. M. is fine. Sadly though, even as I’ve learned a lot from this site I still have an overwhelming urge that I never found this site. I wish I never met Chuck Wendig and his “love” of profanity. I’ve ruined my reputation by commenting and e-mailing crap I thoughtnyoi’d enjoy. I was wring, and now I’m being labeled “cyberbully” . There really is no redemption from here. I will simply just tell all my friends to stop reading this blog and cut all ties to Chuck so I can erase this Mistake of coming here for advice. I’m sorry for any damage, and I am deeply upset, but there’s nothing I can do because nobody is giving me a chance to redeem myself by actually listening to me. I guess That’s it. I’ll tell all my friends to find another site for advice. I guess this is goodbye. Please block me so I’m not tempted to read this blog again or e-mail you

  15. My Grandmother Grace always cautioned me to avoid people who start sentences with “I’m the kind of person. . . .” After reading M. Chapman’s comments, I see this advice still holds true.

  16. @ Gareth and Molly

    Sorry, and you are right. I humiliated myself and am desperate to turn things around. It’s time I face the consequences. And if that means I can’t use my pen name M. Chapman, then so be it . Nobody wants to publish a book from an utter dickhead.

  17. Wow oh wow. I just rediscovered this post when googling random stuff.

    To clear up everyone’s suspicions, at the time of posting these… unsophisticated comments of hateful indigestion, I was only 16. Now I’m a year older, and wiser. But sweet, sweet immaturety, trolling, whatever you call it, can get the best of me. I cannot apologize enough.

    Happy holidays.

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