Cormorant-Flavored News Crunch

Various Cormorant newsy-bits!

• Book launch! Next week! WORD Bookstore! Greenpoint, Brooklyn! 7pm. Details here, and please note that you can also buy the book from them either at the store or online.

• I extended the deadline on the Cormorant photo contest (found here) by a week, to Jan 17th, as some folks said their copies were delayed getting to them. Win cool stuff. Books. Coffee gear.

• At present, Amazon is offering the paperback of the book for ~$5.00.

• Also, six reviews there so far. Plus, more at Goodreads. If you like the book, I’d be apple-cheeked and giggle-addled if you chose to tell some friends and leave a review somewhere.

A very kind review at — “Miriam the foul-mouthed, hard-drinking, chain-smoking, heroin chic road warrior, the self-styled ‘psychic assassin battling fate’ who is making her way down to Florida….Chuck Wendig dedicates The Cormorant to ‘all the foul-mouthed miscreants and deviants who are fans of Miriam.’ Well, yes. Guilty as charged, I guess, and proud to be. Wendig has once again hit the sweet spot right between disturbing and entertaining. Maybe there shouldn’t be a sweet spot there, but whatever—he makes it work. If you’re a fan of the series, don’t miss The Cormorant.” Thanks, Stefan!

• Related: Blackbirds being free actually seems to have increased sales, not decreased them. It’s just one little data point, but make of it what you will. I appreciate Angry Robot being a cool-ass and brave enough publisher to even consider what to many is an anathema idea.

• I think I’ll have a local PA event here next month, by the way, at the Doylestown Book Shop.

That’s all she wrote.

Hope you’re enjoying the book, and hope you’ll take a moment to share this.



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