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Miriam Black Is Back: The Cormorant Is Out Now

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Miriam Black knows how you’re going to die.

All it takes is a touch — a little skin-to-skin action.

Now someone — some rich asshole from Florida — wants to pay her so he can find out how he’s going to die. But when she touches him, she receives a message sent back through time and written in blood: HELLO, MIRIAM. It’s a taunt, a warning, and the start of a dangerous and deadly game for everybody’s favorite carcinogenic psychic, Miriam Black.

What’s In This Book?

Birds. Blood. Bad language.

Also: sex.

Also: old enemies, new friends, other psychics, more mythology.

Also: Florida (aka “America’s Hot-Moist Land-Wang”)! Miriam’s mother! Drunkenness! Mayhem! Santa Claus! An engagement ring! Violent recriminations! Boats! Water! Ascerbic Wit!

Did I mention birds, blood, and bad language?

I did?


Why Should I Read This Book?

Because you read Blackbirds and/or Mockingbird and want the third in the series.

Because you haven’t read those and you wanna start with this one.

Because you like your fantasy dark. Because you like gritty with a side of grim, but you also like it served with a shotglass full of sunshine.

Because you like your characters capable but complex, active but maaaaybe a little unsound…

Because you want to hear what Miriam will say or do next.

Because I’ve never had more fun writing a book.

Because the ending, which I’ll apologize for in advance.

Because you want to support this site.

Because hot damn, what a cover.

Because I have all your pets hostage.

Book Launch in Brooklyn

January 8th.

Word Bookstore in Brooklyn, NY.


Be there.

1000 Words of Miriam Black

Read Chapter 10 of the novel, right here.

What Others Are Saying

“Chuck Wendig writes a goddamn good book.” — Booked Podcast

“The plot is strong and weird and fits Miriam like a black leather glove with the fingers cut off. It turns and twists and dives – I sat up all night reading this damn book on my cell phone, for Pete’s sake. It’s well put together, nuanced, and in the end, satisfying–with no easy outs. Now, what interested me about The Cormorant was that everything I’ve just written is completely true and yet, it’s only about half of what’s really going on. The writing is a scary, wild, obscene crash of sound and yet there are elements and overtones of Shakespeare and Rimbaud and Dante hidden deep inside. Miriam Black is a solid taut block of arrogance, anger, and screaming rage – except that when you look back at what she’s actually done, you see a very different person. Someone who wants others to be happy, hates the death that washes around her, and never, ever stops fighting. (The descriptions of the muscular, desperate, physicality of her battles are worth the entire book alone). She isn’t a fake bad person nor a fake good person–she’s really both.” — Terry Irving (writing what is maybe one of my favoritest reviews of my books ever, because damn if he doesn’t get Miriam)

“Books that play around with time jumps and framing are also tough to pull off, but Chuck Wendig does it here perfectly, switching to flashbacks and other perspectives at the most appropriate moments, emphasizing the suspense when it is most required. Reading this one was like a roller coaster ride, except there are no dips, only highs and loop-de-loops. Between the outrageous things Miriam says and finding all about the creepy villain in this book, my butt alternated from being perched on the edge of my seat one moment to being laughed off the next.” — BiblioSanctum

“Miriam Black is back. Irreverent and sardonic as ever. I don’t know how Chuck Wendig manages to find that balance of brash irreverence without taking it too far, but he is a master… I loved Blackbirds and really liked Mockingbird, but this third one blew away my expectations, or rather maybe Miriam put them in their place with a good dose of foul language and bad assery. In other words, I absolutely loved it.” — Tenacious Reader

“Cormorant, as is usual for this series, delivers action and creeps in spades, but the dim light at the end of the long dark tunnel of Miriam’s life is now just a little bit brighter. Miriam’s story remains an undeniably addictive one, and I finished this in one sitting. Wendig’s writing is better than ever, and this series continues to surprise and terrify in equal measure.” – My Bookish Ways

“First and foremost, holy crap. If there is an author out there these days who is better than Chuck Wendig at taking you by the throat rather than the hand without so much as a how-do-you-do first, I haven’t encountered them. The Cormorant starts off not only strong, but fast and furious – and it stays that way from beginning to end.” — Over The Effing Rainbow

“This is one of the best urban fantasy series out there.” — Talk Supe

“The storytelling is excellent. It’s gripping. It’s compelling. It’s like a train wreck that you can’t tear your eyes away from. Did I mention that I loved this book?” — Lynn’s Book Blog

“I don’t suggest reading The Cormorant on public transport unless you don’t mind missing your stop.” — Amberkatze’s Book Blog

“Chuck Wendig structures this book brilliantly… you are still kept guessing all the way to the last page.” — Bite The Book

“Frankly, I find it one of the most compulsively readable series in any genre.” — Adventures Fantastic

“Miriam’s powers mean something to people, and she’s playing defense not only for herself, but for other people now. It’s a great shift for the series, and one that’s making it a little more essential from volume to volume.” — Fruitless Pursuits

“Wendig does it again with this furious installment in the Miriam Black series. Miriam is angry, bitter and conflicted as ever, but this time she doesn’t have Louis to help her. She’s on her own, after having left him behind. I really love Miriam. She’s the devil on my shoulder, the bad words in my head. She’s the voice that I hear the split second before I pause and say something that’s  more PC. Luckily, Miriam doesn’t have that problem and what she thinks pretty much comes out of her mouth. She’s hilarious, strong, edgy. She’s punch in the gut and then a drink of kool-aid.” — The Windy Pages

“I read The Cormorant in a single sitting, for me there is just something wonderfully addictive about Miriam’s acerbic personality; she can destroy people with a single utterance. Sometimes waspish, often harsh, her barbed comments are a constant delight (well, as long as you’re not on the receiving end of them). It’s nice to see that as this series has developed Miriam has evolved as a character along with it. Slowly but surely the author has revealed the different layers to her personality.” — The Eloquent Page