Fly Free, Blackbirds, Fly Free

My novel, Blackbirds, is now free until December 31st.

Free. As in, costs you nothing.



You can nab the Kindle file here.

Or you can grab the ePub here.

You can find more information on the download from our Generous Clanking Masters at Angry Robot, whose Beneficent Programming is why this gift exists in the first place.


You can also buy Mockingbird and Blue Blazes for ~$1.30 a pop (info here).

Finally, please consider pre-ordering the third in the Miriam Black series — The Cormorant! — where cantankerous psychic Miriam Black travels down to sunny Florida where she is paid to give a rich man a vision of his demise but instead discovers a message to her written backwards in time and scrawled in blood, a message that reads HELLO, MIRIAM…

87 responses to “Fly Free, Blackbirds, Fly Free”

  1. Chuck, thank you so much for your generous pressie – ‘Blackbirds’ now has the honour of being the very first book to grace my brand-new Kindle what I got for Christmas this year! I had similar problems to other people with the Kindle link at first (i.e. lots of purty heiroglyphics instead of text, no sign of it in my Books menu…) until, for reasons more related to my utter doofus-status with newfangled technology, I randomly managed to get to my Library menu and discovered it was there as a document. Opened it up and it displays perfectly and works just like a Kindle book should, so hopefully that might help others too.

    Will of course be purchasing more of your works in the near future (got my beady eye on ‘Empyrean Sky’ as we speak…) Thanks again!

  2. I stumbled upon your blog after someone shared the wonderfully written spanking post. Plus, I’m an instant fan of anyone who uses words like middenheap and oubliette. So, I’ll definitely be checking out your books!

  3. What is supposed to happen when you click the link for the free download? I assumed when I clicked it on my phone that it would be sent to my Kindle app, but it just opened a webpage of garbage… tried it on my computer, but it saves it as a document that I’m not able to open. 🙁

  4. Still available for free, 6 January. I just clicked the linky, honest. BTW… two published Doctor Who peoples *and* a reference to Palahniuk in the front page testimonials? Sold! Guess I’m gonna have to buy the rest of the series now…

  5. I would like to advise as the above person I also was able to download Blackbirds for free using the link labelled “You can nab the Kindle file here”.

    I thought perhaps it was linking to a sample mobi file but lo and behold when I opened the file it appears to be the full novel.

    Just a heads up.

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