The Miriam “Drink It Black” Cormorant Photo Contest

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It’s time for another photo contest.

(You can see the results of last year’s Blue Blazes photo contest right here.)

What You Could Win

Got two prizes up for grabs, each available to those in the United States only…

unless you’re willing to shell out international shipping.

Now, the first prize ideally would’ve been a bottle of whiskey and a carton of cigarettes, but I don’t think I’m supposed to ship those over state lines, particularly with Pennsylvania’s truly peculiar laws surrounding the transport of booze to places that are not Pennsylvania.

Instead, I thought: hey, how about coffee? Black coffee. (Get it? Miriam Black? Shut up.)

I mean, c’mon, Miriam Black has a heart of coffee grounds and blood of bitter brew, so it works.

So, the first prize?

It’s a Chemex Starter Bundle from La Colombe coffee. You get: a Chemex brewer, a scale, Chemex filters, and a bag of whole bean La Colombe coffee.

Second prize is a big-ass stack of books from yours truly. That includes: Blackbirds, Mockingbird, Under the Empyrean Sky, The Kick-Ass Writer, Beyond Dinocalypse, Unclean Spirits, and Double Dead. All mauled with the clumsy thing I call an “autograph” if you care to have your books devalued in this manner.

I’ll choose my favorite photo, who gets first pick of the two prize packs.

Then the readers of this blog will choose their favorite photo.

How This Works (The Short Version)

You take a picture of yourself with my new book, The Cormorant.

You send that picture to me at terribleminds [at] gmail [dot] com.

Maybe you win some stuff. Yay.

How This Works (The Long Version)

You go get yourself a copy of The Cormorant. Physical or digital is fine, though physical books usually make for a better picture. Snap a photo of you with the book.

The only requirements of this photo are that it contains You + The Cormorant.

That said, your job is to amuse, bewilder, disturb, or thrill me. Bonus points toward those who tie the photo in some way to the motifs or themes within the book: birds, blood, death, Florida, cigarettes, booze, character cosplay, and so on, and so forth.

Creativity will be rewarded, is what I’m saying.

Again, winner needs to be in the US unless said participant is willing to shell out for international shipping, which usually ain’t cheap.

Take the photo and send me the results between now and 11:59PM on Friday, January 17th [NOTE: this is now extended a week as some folks have noted a delay in getting their copies!].

(Which means you’ve got about ten days to jump on in.)

Again: the winner I choose gets first pick of the two prizes. Then we’ll take another week to vote for our favorite follow-up photo and that person gets the second prize. Unless you want to like, arm-wrestle for it, but that’s on you guys to figure out.

One entry only, please.

And that’s it. Them’s the contest.

Buy the book.

Snap the shot.

Send me the photo.

The end.

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Prayer requests? Marriage proposals?


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