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Flash Fiction Challenge: A Terrible Lie

Last week’s challenge — “Choose Your Own Setting” — demands your eyeballs, so click, go, and read.

This week I said something like, “Blah blah blah, writers lie to themselves a whole lot.”

And therein lies this week’s challenge.

No, you needn’t write fiction in which you lie to yourself, but you must write fiction in which the characters lie to one another. The deception is the thing, you see? Every story thrives on conflict same as yeast thrives on sugar and bears thrive on honey (provided it was first stuffed in the chest cavity of a fleeing park ranger). Your task today is to make the core conflict of the story based upon or orbiting around a terrible lie.

If your story features no such lie, you will be ejected from the airlock and forced to fight space sharks.

There you go.

Other details?

Genre: Do as you will.

Length: 1000 words.

Due by: Friday, April 6th, noon EST.

Post online (not in the comments). Link back here.

That’s it. Go and write, my little lie-monkeys.