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Giving Away A Kindle (And Other Such News)

Well, hot dang.

The Penmonkey Incitement began in July as an experiment to sell 1000 copies of Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey, and by gosh and by golly, it has been done.

Which means it’s time to play catch-up and start giving away some stuff.

I have the following items to give away:

Four postcards.

Two t-shirts.

One edit of 5,000 words of someone’s work.


(Er, specifically, this Kindle: the Kindle Touch.)

Here’s how this works, if you need the reminder: if you procured COAFPM via this site directly, I already have your email address and proof of purchase. If you procured via Amazon or Barnes & Noble, then (if you have not already done so) you need to email me proof of purchase to: terribleminds at gmail dot com.

I will draw randomly the winners from those who purchased the book.

If you have not purchased the book, I’m giving you till Friday to do so to be included in the drawing. Dig? Specifically, I’ll be picking Friday (4/6/12) at noon EST.

To procure COAFPM:

Kindle (US), Kindle (UK), Nook, or PDF.

(EDIT: If you’re international, you’ll need to pay for shipping for anything I send beyond a single postcard. Just an FYI if you choose to be included in the draw.)

Other Sweet Wendig-Flavored News Nuggets

• WHERE MY LA PEEPS AT? Ahem. I shall be in Los Angeles at the end of the month to celebrate the launch of Blackbirds! I’ll be signing books and hanging out at Mysterious Galaxy (Redondo Beach) on April 24th at 7:30PM. You can check the details here. I hope if you’re out that way you’ll be able to swing by and say hello? Be great to meet some folks finally.

• Speaking of Blackbirds: check out this month’s e-book promos. Pre-order the book and send me proof and get something free. And we all know that free = good. Unless it’s a free kick to the genitals. Though I guess a free kick to the genitals is still better than a paid kick to the genitals, right? Though, by making genital kicks free, are we devaluing genital kicks? More thought is needed!

• I’ve been ripping out pages from Blackbirds and excerpting them at THIS IS HOW YOU DIE. They’ll continue until release, but for now, here are the ones posted so far (in order):

— “The Boogeying Roach

— “My Fair Fuckin’ Lady

— “Capillaries Burst

— “The Zero Flips To One

— “Swing And A Miss, Asshole

— “The Time Is Now 12:43

— “Friendly Neighborhood Whore-Puncher

— “Dear Diary

— “Me With My Wings

— “Year, Day, Hour, Minute, Second

— “Death And Elbows

— “The Boy With The Red Balloon

— “Little Sneakers Pounding Ground

— “This Was My Purpose

• “Chuck Wendig’s latest book, Blackbirds, is quite frankly, stunning. … Chuck Wendig has secured a place on my ‘must-buy’ authors list.” Blackbirds review at Just One More Page.

• “Chuck Wendig has it down to a fine art. It’s tough, mean and, at times, firing enough four-letter words for the film rating agencies to insist on an R rating.” Blackbirds review at Thinking About Books.

• “I rocketed to Earth in a space-pod as my Penmonkey home planet burned behind me.” I am interviewed about writing and Blackbirds and… romance?! Yep! Over at Waterworld Mermaids.

• “Dinocalypse Now is wildly imaginative and beautifully written adrenalin-fueled pulp. I can not wait for the next book.” New review at the Qwillery!

• So, holy crap, the Dinocalypse Now Kickstarter is a stone’s throw from $20,000. The trilogy I’m writing is unlocked. So is a standalone Benjamin Hu novel by Atomic Robo super-genius Brian Clevinger. And we’re in spitting distance of another standalone novel, this one an Amelia Stone story by C.E. Murphy. And… wait, how many days are left?! Sweet Dino-Jesus. (EDIT: Um, yep, Dino Now broke $20k. I think Fred has some new stretch goals to announce…)

• The Smallsmall Thing documentary, however, is not yet funded, but is very close — check it out, will you? It’s the documentary about a little Liberian girl who suffers ongoing physical ailments due to rape — it’s sad but sweet, too, and takes a hard look at democracy, rape culture, and Liberia’s troubled return to the global stage. Less than a week left and within eyesight of the goal. But not yet there. Hope you can help. (As mentioned earlier, I did some script work for this documentary.)

• Finally, I point you toward this, which shall be coming very soon, indeed: