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Flash Fiction Challenge: Choose Your Own Setting

This past week I said some nonsense about how writers can and maybe should deal with setting.

Which means, the topic of today’s challenge shall be: you guessed it, setting.

Behold last week’s challenge: “FIRE OF THE GODS.”

I’m going to give you five whacked-out settings.

You may choose one, and set your story within that space.

What five settings?

Here goes:

Lunar Brothel

Abandoned Amusement Park

The Bottom of the Ocean

Penthouse Apartment during the Apocalypse

Fairy Tale Forest

There you go.

Interpret as you see fit.

The key is, when writing, to never abandon the setting — do not go outside of it. Further, make sure that the setting helps to drive the story. The setting should almost be a character in its own right.

Bring it to life.

You have — drum roll please — 1000 words.

Story due in by Friday, noon (EST), March 30th.

Do not put your story in the comments below — place it online (somewhere, don’t care, long as we can read it) and provide us with the link so that we can go and ogle your pulsating brilliance.

Now get to penmonkeying, penmonkeys.