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  • Flash Fiction Challenge: Fairy Tale Upgrade

    Last Week’s challenge: “Tell A Story In Three Sentences” Today’s challenge shall be a curious one. Take a fairy tale — any fairy tale at all you want, or a fable, or a Mother Goose story — and rewrite it in a modern context. Now, “modern” is a little open to interpretation — if you […]

  • Flash Fiction Challenge: Another Story In Three Sentences

    You’re going to tell a story in three sentences. You will post this story here, in the comments below. Keep it under 100 words. You only get one entry. I will give away three copies of the book in either ePub, MOBI or PDF format. Your choice. You’ve got one week. You in?

  • Flash Fiction Challenge: That’s My New Band Name

    It’s been a very music-themed week for me. I’ve been listening and connecting to music in ways I haven’t in a while, in terms of narrative — which reminds me, go get the new Fiona Apple album. For reals. What that means is, in this challenge, I want you to write a story about a band.

  • 25 Things You Should Know About Writing Fantasy

    I don’t write fantasy. Not really. I’ve written it from time to time (my short story collection, Irregular Creatures, has some). And Blackbirds apparently counts as “urban fantasy.” Just the same, I am woefully underqualified to write this list. But by golly, that’s never stopped me before. So here I am, offering up my “list […]

  • Flash Fiction Challenge: The Crooked Tree

    Last week’s challenge exhorted you to “Choose Your Setting.” Check out the stories. I took that image above. It’s a snapshot of a crooked tree in some fog (a tree that is, so you should know, no longer present — it broke and is gone). It’s maybe one of my favorite images — I’m a […]

  • Flash Fiction Challenge: Dirty-Ass Sex Moves

    Last week’s challenge — “DOLL HEADS” — is ready to be read when you click the link. Sex moves with hilarious nicknames. The Cleveland Steamer. The Glass-Bottom Boat. The Dirty Sanchez. That’s the theme of this week’s flash fiction challenge. For a mega-complete-holy-shit list, check out this link: “List Of Sex Moves.” That link is […]