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Flash Fiction Challenge: That’s My New Band Name

Last week’s challenge: “The Crooked Tree.” Go and see!

It’s been a very music-themed week for me. I’ve been listening and connecting to music in ways I haven’t in a while, in terms of narrative — which reminds me, go get the new Fiona Apple album. For reals.


What that means is, in this challenge, I want you to write a story about a band.

The name of that band?

Well, click here to choose one.

There you’ll get a buncha random band names.

Choose one.

That’s the band.

You’ve got up to 1000 words.

Post it on your blog. Link back here so we can read it.

You’ve got one week. Due by noon EST on Friday, June 29th.

Let’s see whatchoo got, band geeks.