Flash Fiction Challenge: That’s My New Band Name

Last week’s challenge: “The Crooked Tree.” Go and see!

It’s been a very music-themed week for me. I’ve been listening and connecting to music in ways I haven’t in a while, in terms of narrative — which reminds me, go get the new Fiona Apple album. For reals.


What that means is, in this challenge, I want you to write a story about a band.

The name of that band?

Well, click here to choose one.

There you’ll get a buncha random band names.

Choose one.

That’s the band.

You’ve got up to 1000 words.

Post it on your blog. Link back here so we can read it.

You’ve got one week. Due by noon EST on Friday, June 29th.

Let’s see whatchoo got, band geeks.

37 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: That’s My New Band Name”

  1. @Jim Frankin. I like the twist at the end. The UK-region diction from a band reminds me of The Commitments.

    @Laura Libricz Congrats on the novel! First time reading the lyrics to a song in flash. I enjoyed the descriptions of the songs, too.

    @Darlene Underdahl I dig the girl drama! If only I ever came across confrontations like that while looking at plants.

    @Bronson O’Quinn – I liked the dialogue and the story. Made me think about solo acts and using band names.

    My story:

    “Up In Smoke Tour”
    When rockers Agony Dance make a pit stop at the start of their Canadian leg, their road manager leads them into a situation they weren’t expecting.

    This story is inspired by Roald Dahl’s The Landlady.


  2. I haven’t been called a band geek in a really, really long time 🙂 Awesome.

    @Tim, your story made me think of that King story, too, a little bit. I liked that we knew why the observer/non band person was there, as opposed to it being random-ish. Very well done.

    Here’s Ghost of the Invention, and a tiny slice of their story.

  3. I’d love to participate in this one (it’s been weeks since I’ve had time for flash fiction!), but I literally JUST got finished releasing my latest novel, Exposing Dallas, about a lead singer of a band, last week, so I feel like I’d be cheating on them to write about another so soon… But that’s just me… If you want something to read anyway, here’s one of 4 previews. http://lindsaymawson.blogspot.ca/2012/06/peek-behind-curtain-1-exposing-dallas.html

    Hope I can submit something for this week’s upcoming challenge.

  4. Hi everyone! It’s about 3 months since I last participated in one of these challenges, and it’s kind of nice seeing so many of the same faces around. It feels a bit like coming home. 🙂

    Anyway, here’s my contribution:

    The Brains for Fame: The story of a rock band trying to make it big during the zombie apocalypse.

  5. […] I had to go back and look at the details, to make sure I did it right. Yep. Chuck said go to a certain website that would automatically generate some band names, pick one, and write a story about the band. I did that. Further deposition ye shall not receive. To read more stories like it and find the band name generator, go on tour at this venue: Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: That’s My New Band Name […]

  6. This is a stand-alone story, but I’m thinking of using some of the historical details in my novel. Kind of a “world-building” exercise.
    Or, like much of what I do, it could all be bullshit.
    I used a few of the other band names generated, but just in passing. I finally settled on one, then changed my mind at the end. The story called out for this name. So did the audience.
    Talkin “Bout
    Just so’s I don’t hasta explain it, the title is from the song by The Who–“My Generation.” But you knew that.

  7. Well, look it’s like this… I picked a band name, OK, and it was “Beside Eternity”. And I start mulling over ideas, and I figure this might be some Christian rock band or something.

    But then, you know what happens? Chuck makes these challenges for flash fiction, and that’s all very well, but when you get a story idea going then you’ve got to follow where the story leads and you can’t always cram it into the original brief or the original length.

    So Chuck’s challenge goes into one side of my head as an input, and what came out the other side was this. It’s called “Note of Triumph” and it’s a whole damned 2,000 words, and it doesn’t mention the band name once, and tough, that’s just where the story took me, OK?


  8. Ooh, ban name is Kinetic Hypnosis. My internet connection is still iffy so I may have to upload several stories at once. You are warned. Now, I’m off to connive about musical genius. >:D

  9. Great prompt. I’ll try starting up a band with my Fairy Tale Folk in it.

    Snow – hyperactive speed freak that she is – on drums
    The wolf – lead guitar – out in front, oozing sex, channeling Mick Jagger
    The woodsman – quiet, tall, solid guy – on bass
    Barney – late addition to the team – a roadie
    Red – no where near a microphone – they’ve all heard her do Karaoke
    The witch – she’s the oldest, very charismatic, still a little wild – lead singer, sort of a Janis Joplin thing.
    Been listening to Joplin’s old tunes more than I’ve been writing, but will try to get done by noon.

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