Flash Fiction Challenge: “Doll Heads”

That picture is your challenge.

Take it. Absorb picture into your brain-meats. Let it pickle.

Then post the resulting flash fiction.

As always, 1000 words.

Due in one week (6/10/11) at 12 noon EST.

Post fic at your blog.

Link back to here.

Drop a comment linking to your blog below.

Any genre will do.

Get creative.

Get insane.

Go apeshit.


(The 10 favorite challengers of last week’s “Unexpected Guest” challenge will go up sometime this afternoon. Those folks will get some free e-books, should they choose to accept ’em.)

41 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: “Doll Heads””

  1. I use many images from flickr to prompt my flash pieces. In fact, I think I’ve used this one before…seems eerily familiar. I need to look around for it. It’ll be interesting to compare the stories I wrote off of the same image at different points in time. Does an image ‘always’ produce the same response in a writer, or is it something more subtle (or random)?
    Either way, I’m in again.

  2. I don’t know if I can do this one. I received a baby doll when I was young and proceeded to paint it up like a hooker, or Joan Crawford, with my little paint set. I horrified my relatives and never received another doll.

    I’ve known adult (old?) ladies who collect dolls and always thought the dolls were proxies… somehow.

    A niece attends estate sales. If antique dolls are mentioned in the ads, all sorts of weirdos show up. They will even break a doll if they can’t get it for themselves.

    Dolls are strange beings. They may even have powers.

  3. Darlene: I had a similar experience.
    I grew up Cahtolic. At “First Communion” (sounds creepy as an adult), we received, as a token of our communed status, a miniature plastic reproduction of Michelangelo’s “Pieta”.
    I was moved to take a red marker and put blood all over Jesus and Mary.
    My parents gave me the hairy eyeball for many years after that….
    I’m sure a Jungian analyst would have a field day with that one.

  4. AUGH doll heads. They’re creepy as


    One of the creepiest pictures I ever saw was of a doll’s head, like the ones above, half buried in the ocean floor in the debris field from the Titanic. I’m off to go let that picture pickle with the one above and see what happens. Mmmm pickles.

  5. I try so hard not to be a word whore and cheat on my novel, then here you go tempting me.

    You are a cruel cruel mistress, Mr. Wendig.

  6. Whoa, seriously? I’m the first? That never happens. What is wrong with you people, thinking you have lives on the weekend? Slackers.

    I gave in the to evil lure of doll heads and tried my hand at something creepy. I don’t do creepy. Or scary. Well, not on purpose.

    I hope a few of you will check it out and let me know whether it works. As, you know, something creepy.


  7. I just finished reading all the entries. There are some fantastic stories. In particular, Little Trophies and Time Ghosts stuck out as complete stories. Great job, everyone.

  8. Hey Chuck, did you forget to list your favorites? Or are all the stories your favorites. (You know, like when a father tells each kid in private–“You’re my favorite.”)

    • @Leo, all:

      I’ll be picking my favorite soon as I’ve read ’em all. Will post an update to this blog page when I’ve got ’em all read. Some really strong contenders, all told!

      — c.

  9. […] In Song →I Am First Posted on June 9, 2011 by Leo This is my entry for Chuck Wendig’s “Doll Heads” flash fiction challenge. I strayed a bit from the prompt picture, but it was  a fun story to write and I’m happy […]

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