Flash Fiction Challenge: Now Choose Your Title

Last week, I said, “Come up with a title.”

And you did. Over 400 of them.

Now, your job is to go into the comments section of that post and find a title you like. Then, write a story (under 2,000 words, we’ll say) to fit that title. Please do not choose a title you came up with. The challenge is to pick up something new!

You have one week — due by Friday, October 2nd.

Post the story on your online space and link to it in the comments below.

Please give credit to the person who came up with your title. Credit is good.

Go. Pick. Write. Enjoy!

152 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Now Choose Your Title”

    • I really like the worldbuilding here, too. I like the idea of this whole workforce that exists just to communicate with these complicated alien beings! I would have liked to see the Mars First movement be at least mentioned in passing earlier in the story. I’m also a little confused how Britt contrived to have all the people that would have worked for her or translated her work out at the same time? But mostly I really liked the setting and the setup here!

      • Thank you for both the kind words and the useful feedback. Much appreciated! I loved your use of imagery and detail in “Under the River,” especially the significance of color, to convey both tone and detail. The way you set up and paid off the dull white really worked for me.

      • It was supposed to be a one off but it’s gotten such a nice response that mayhaps I will make it into a larger universe. Tentative title: the “Spookyverse”. Thanks for the read Anna 🙂

  1. Great idea! 🙂 I did something similar with my family. We all tried our hand at writing catchy opening lines for stories then we switched them around and everyone wrote a short story with someone else’s opening line.

    • I highly recommend this as piece of higher thought reading. I can’t say I completely grasped every nuance, but if you are all about the nuance and subtleties of language, then this one’s for you.

    • I liked this, especially your descriptions. Very vivid, and I liked the way they flow (like the way you used the sea and shore imagery, for example).

    • Dirty, gritty, with some very vivid analogies. Might have gone a knife too far describing the throat-slitting scene. Either that, or I am a squeamish pansy. I think you may have liked killing the bad guy just a tad too much. Might need to seek therapy for that. Otherwise, great piece of work.

    • You have a very good grasp of character voice. I could truly picture the cantankerous old woman and the much put-upon ministry agent. I have to say, though, they sounded suspiciously efficient for government agents. They must have a better infrastructure in your fictional world than they do here.

  2. I’m going with “The Sound of Fire” by Russell (NLN), the story for that one just popped out. If nothing else, this has forced me to create a blog to post stories on, which will probably lead to creating a website. Dammit Chuck, you’re costing me money here!

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