Flash Fiction Challenge: Come Up With A Title

This one is so damn easy.

And yet, so damn hard.

See, coming up with the new and proper titles for stories is a difficult act, sometimes — you either have the title going in (which makes it easy), or you need to think of a title for a story, and that’s when (for me, at least) it gets hella hard. Thinking of a title for a pre-existing story is the one time when I really get vaporlock in my writing. I just sit there, stammering. “THE… THING ABOUT THE STUFF. THE… THE NIGHT THE EVENT HAPPENED. THE HAPPENING. THE STUFFENING. THE SWORD OF THE NIGHT OF THE REVENGE OF THE RABBIT OH GOD THIS BOOK DOESN’T HAVE SWORDS OR RABBITS AND BARELY ANY REVENGE AT ALL.”

I’m not good at titles.

Ray Bradbury was famous for making up a list of titles and then writing stories to match those titles. And that’s a little bit of what we’re going to do here, today.

All I want you to do is come up with a title.

One title.

No more.

Then take that title and plop it into the comments below.

Next week, you will all have a chance to scout out the completed list of titles in the comments and write a story geared toward one of those made-up titles (one you did not yourself invent).

That’s it. That’s all. Easy, and yet, difficult.


515 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Come Up With A Title”

    • How was the log ride Rebecca? Annie Edson Taylor(1838-1921) salutes you and asks “Got anything planned for the 500th?”

        • Proof that in the right hands and within particular moments writing can be euphoric. I take it the ‘oops’ means that, caught up in the excitement and celebration of the occasion, you forgot to write on waterproof paper?

  1. Just a quick shout out to glenavailable not only for all of the commments he’s provided here, but also for taking the the time to both read one of my 500-worders and to provide feedback on it. Nothing like a good review to make you smile in the afternoon! Cheers Glen!

    • Thankyou George and I can only once more pay homage to our generous host Chuck Wendig who has made possible every exchange for we who value words and all things literary.

  2. Could the Library Ninja (you know who you are) please prepare her barrel/log and stand by. This one’s going over the 500 Comment falls sometime soon.

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