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Aftermath Is Still Going

Aftermath is again on the NYT Bestseller list. Coming in at #5 amongst hardcovers.

Second week is actually sweeter than the first. See, first week, you could argue that it’s there because a bunch of folks pre-ordered it and because it’s Star Wars and blah blah blah. And then, second week, you might think that the book would drop off the list like a stone. Mmmnope. Still there. Top five. Second week means people are reading it, liking it, and telling their friends. Second week means the book has a little word-of-mouth.

So, thank you all for the SWEET N’ MUSKY EWOK LOVE.

Some of you have asked what’s going on with those Amazon reviews, and I’m not going to address that right now — I’d rather just bask in the glow of the moment. (That said, anybody who takes a long look at the 350+ one-star reviews hovering around it will discern a number of patterns and repeated words, phrases, and ideas. Maybe someone other than me cares to unpack that.)

The book is in its fifth printing (in two weeks). It’s selling well. The publisher is happy. I’ve got two more books in the trilogy to write, so I’m happy, too.


*ignites lightsaber and flails drunkenly around garage*