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Flash Fiction Challenge: Fifty Characters

Last week’s challenge: Pick an Opening Line and Go.

This week, I’ve given you 50 random character snidbits (gleaned from Seventh Sanctum character generators).

You will choose five of these and include them in a 1500-word piece of short fiction.

Post at your online domicile.

Link back here in the comments.

Due in one week — by May 2nd, noon EST.

Fifty Characters

  1. The slothful, unheroic teacher.
  2. The fear-ridden, short-tempered theologian.
  3. The unathletic, boastful gigolo who belongs to a secret organization.
  4. The aggravated thief needing a friend.
  5. The athletic, cruel architect looking for a challenge.
  6. The negative rogue.
  7. The clumsy, wise, sleazy mentor on the wrong side of the law.
  8. The athletic, tired, arrogant bounty hunter with no hope.
  9. The agile, serene traveler.
  10. The philandering architect searching for purpose.
  11. The actor with unexpected depths.
  12. The laid-back champion who hates children.
  13. The dexterous, funny hermit.
  14. The strong, contemplative prospector.
  15. The plain, biased gigolo who fears the future.
  16. The pretender who can’t resist a fight.
  17. The weak, homely ambassador who suffers from a chronic disease.
  18. The shiftless rascal.
  19. The athletic, tough wanderer.
  20. The dexterous, neurotic, chaste servant who is a complete fraud.
  21. The awkward, tolerant, philandering teacher who hates children.
  22. The weak, tolerant architect.
  23. The quiet wanderer.
  24. The biased prostitute with uncanny abilities.
  25. The graceful official searching for truth.
  26. The mysterious, heroic outlaw.
  27. The unpredictable hunter who is considered the worst in his/her profession.
  28. The selfless bandit.
  29. The poised, snide, bloodthirsty fence with uncanny abilities.
  30. The tough, burnt-out, opinionated assistant hiding a dark secret.
  31. The clumsy, materialistic, moralizing teacher searching for employment.
  32. The poised sailor who is considered the best in his/her profession.
  33. The unhealthy jailer.
  34. The tactless ambassador with big dreams.
  35. The healthy trader with unusual luck.
  36. The rude boatman.
  37. The enduring, joyful, tactless actor.
  38. The clumsy, generous fence who fell in with the wrong crowd.
  39. The agile heir.
  40. The plain actor.
  41. The dexterous, persuasive student from a small family.
  42. The puerile, aloof smuggler who belongs to a secret organization.
  43. The strong actor searching for a family member.
  44. The domineering assassin looking for a challenge.
  45. The friendly musician.
  46. The brutal businessperson.
  47. The plain comic.
  48. The spy who hates children.
  49. The unheroic impostor.
  50. The pompous boatman who has an odd way of speaking.