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Flash Fiction Challenge: Pick An Opening Line And Go

[Edit: Apologies that this didn’t post! I set it to auto-post and was a bit busy today, too busy to see it actually had not posted. But dangit, it’s still Friday so I’m getting in under the wire.]

Last week’s challenge is relevant here: The Return of the Opening Line Contest.

Your job this week is simple in concept, daunting in choice.

Clink that link. Then —

You need to go through the entries — er, all 400-500 of them — and find an opening line you like.

Then you will take that opening line and use that as the opening line of this week’s story.

(You may not choose your own.)

You’ve got the usual 1000 words.

Due by 4/25, noon EST.

Post the story with the chosen opening line at your blog or online space. Then drop a link in the comments here so we can track back and read the story.

That’s it. Grab a line and get to writing!

(I’ll be picking my top three favorites sometime in the next week.)