Opening Line Challenge: Faves & Winners

The opening line challenge is always a fun one — and this time, we had ~500 entries (!!?), which took quite a bit of reading just to get through. BUT I DID, and lo, was rewarded by a great deal of awesome. I’ve picked my favorites below, but even still, had to pick three as winners.

Those three are bolded and asterisked.

Winners: write me at terribleminds at gmail dot com.

Congrats! And well done, folks.

* * *

* The deck of the airship swarmed with wild-eyed girls gnashing their teeth and pumping filth-covered fists in the air like tiny, bloodthirsty monsters. — Jen Dornan-Fish

Choices are the hinges on the door of Destiny and Fate is the bitch who slammed that door in my face. — Silver James

The crack in the wall appeared three days after they moved in. — Ducky

At first we thought we could control the fire. — AE Lowan

Because the dead do not sleep, Doctor Marie Fluette was reading at her desk in the library when she felt the great building shudder like a flea-bit dog. — Aimee Kuzenski

* I had won a kingdom through iron and blood but I had no idea what to do with it. — Anthony

Nobody suspects the girl who smiles. — Allsnjill

These hands have done things that this mind should never have allowed. — Nick Nafpliotis

Once upon a time, a girl fell in love with a mountain. — Sean

I met a man made of smoke today. — JC Hemphill

The fat ginger was leaking lies like a punctured wineskin. — mtharpin

Up until last week I thought the worst night of my life was when the O’Connell brothers nailed my dad to a tree. — Lee Thompson

* I fed some ducks at your funeral. — Allison Forsythe

17 responses to “Opening Line Challenge: Faves & Winners”

  1. such great choices, I can’t imagine going through 500! Every one of these was an opening that made me want to read the sentence after it.

  2. Spin off! I have an itch. Take each of these opening lines and use them as the first sentence for the final paragraph of an unwritten story.

    I love, “I fed some ducks at your funeral.” Great challenge, thanks for the fun read!

  3. Cool – glad you liked it. I’ll be posting a story I wrote for that line and another inspired by the contest on my blog shortly. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Damn! Thanks, Chuck. I’m in some fine company and honored. For reading all those lines, you deserve a bottle of 16 year old scotch. Or something. Mine is the opening line (slightly modified) for the 3rd book in one of my UF series. Now off to fulfill the rest of the challenge and write a bit of flash fiction. 😉

  5. Thanks, Chuck! I had a lot of fun reading through the entries, too.

    The duck one really is the first line in my book. At my current rate of progress, the draft will be done in…37 years. But I’ll definitely be keeping that line!

  6. Wow, thanks for the runner-up nod! I’m happy that Ducky’s line got chosen as well, his was my favorite 🙂

  7. Pumped that my “Fat Ginger” made the cut on your favorites list. The amount of entries was straight cray—as the kids say. Happy B-Day brother, and thanks for the 500 gift. High five.

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