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Opening Line Challenge: Faves & Winners

The opening line challenge is always a fun one — and this time, we had ~500 entries (!!?), which took quite a bit of reading just to get through. BUT I DID, and lo, was rewarded by a great deal of awesome. I’ve picked my favorites below, but even still, had to pick three as winners.

Those three are bolded and asterisked.

Winners: write me at terribleminds at gmail dot com.

Congrats! And well done, folks.

* * *

* The deck of the airship swarmed with wild-eyed girls gnashing their teeth and pumping filth-covered fists in the air like tiny, bloodthirsty monsters. — Jen Dornan-Fish

Choices are the hinges on the door of Destiny and Fate is the bitch who slammed that door in my face. — Silver James

The crack in the wall appeared three days after they moved in. — Ducky

At first we thought we could control the fire. — AE Lowan

Because the dead do not sleep, Doctor Marie Fluette was reading at her desk in the library when she felt the great building shudder like a flea-bit dog. — Aimee Kuzenski

* I had won a kingdom through iron and blood but I had no idea what to do with it. — Anthony

Nobody suspects the girl who smiles. — Allsnjill

These hands have done things that this mind should never have allowed. — Nick Nafpliotis

Once upon a time, a girl fell in love with a mountain. — Sean

I met a man made of smoke today. — JC Hemphill

The fat ginger was leaking lies like a punctured wineskin. — mtharpin

Up until last week I thought the worst night of my life was when the O’Connell brothers nailed my dad to a tree. — Lee Thompson

* I fed some ducks at your funeral. — Allison Forsythe