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It is my birthday.

I dare not say how old I am, though I will say that I have only one more birthday after this one where I can say I am not yet 40. Holy crap, 40? Who let that happen? *shudder*

Anyway, it’s my birthday, and I would like to Reverse the Natal Polarity and give you something.

Here’s a free e-book.

This is 500 Ways To Tell A Better Story.

You’ll find that I’m tossing you PDF, ePub, and Kindle versions.

Link good for today only.

So, enjoy that.

Also, today, Zazzle has a 22% off deal going on their merch with code:


That works on all the Terribleminds Merch (mugs, shirts, flask).

Enjoy the stuff.

If you wanna do something nice for me (AND YOU DO *hypnobeard on*), then please check out some of my books, or leave a review, or tend the fires of my raging Narcissism in some other way.