Flash Fiction Challenge: Behold Your Theme

Last week’s challenge: Fifty Characters.

So, last weekend I was at the Pike’s Peak Writer’s Conference.

It was great stuff — highly recommended.

One of the days I did a workshop on theme, a topic that, for me, is quite beloved. One of the exercises was that we had a bunch of folks in the room come up with various themes — then I picked one and had people write to that theme. Follow me? So, one of the themes they picked was:

“We’re all human, even when we’re not.”

So, I’m going to grab that, and that’s now your theme.

Use it and write a 1000-word piece of flash fiction in service to that theme.

Write it at your online space.

Link back here via the comments.

Due in one week, by May 9th, at noon EST.

179 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Behold Your Theme”

      • Mmm. Badges. I need to make badges for some of my favorite characters. Except. . . I’m no artist!

        “Badges? We don’t need no steenking badges!” 😉

    • I like the story – kind of a noir feel to it, but I didn’t sense at any point the characters being not human, save for the murderer…whom never felt human at all. Perhaps I misread it. Otherwise, though, I love a good noir crime story! Thanks for sharing it!

    • An interesting read! I like the characters a lot. And of course, that dolphins are more communicative than humans. I will admit, I was waiting for a so long, and thanks for all the fish. 😉

    • I enjoyed the craft of your story, the weaving of the words, though I admit, I’m not a huge werewolf fan in general. I did have trouble spotting the theme here…I felt a lot of bestial nature in the work, a lot of animalism…but where was the human in the beast?

      • Thanks. I think I went for too much here and didn’t really pull off the intent. The cage was a metaphorical representation of a struggle within the mind of the human – the man and beast were the same person.

        I enjoyed the challenge though, definitely want to keep them going.

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