Flash Fiction Challenge: Behold Your Theme

Last week’s challenge: Fifty Characters.

So, last weekend I was at the Pike’s Peak Writer’s Conference.

It was great stuff — highly recommended.

One of the days I did a workshop on theme, a topic that, for me, is quite beloved. One of the exercises was that we had a bunch of folks in the room come up with various themes — then I picked one and had people write to that theme. Follow me? So, one of the themes they picked was:

“We’re all human, even when we’re not.”

So, I’m going to grab that, and that’s now your theme.

Use it and write a 1000-word piece of flash fiction in service to that theme.

Write it at your online space.

Link back here via the comments.

Due in one week, by May 9th, at noon EST.

179 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Behold Your Theme”

    • I think it’s from Doctor Who. Eleven says to Rory, “Why do you have to be so human?” And Rory answers, “Because right now I’m not.”

      • Hey thank you all! I just checked how many read ‘The Prison’ since I posted it late last night – 109! Wow! And It’s not yet 24 hours since I put it up there! I’m amazed! Honestly, I wasn’t all that pleased with how it turned out; but now I read it again, after a good night’s sleep, and it does read better. 🙂

        Thank you Catastrophe Jones! I’ve never had my work compared with The Twilight Zone before. 😀

    • I like this, a lot, especially for a first time attempt at flash fiction. I think that this world would do well expanded a bit – I would definitely read it!

      • Oh, wow, thank you! I didn’t think anyone would read it. It was just something that came to me when I read the theme so I really had no intention of turning it into an actual story. But now I may have to! 😉

  1. […] By Pavowski Chuck’s challenge this week:  We’re All Human, Even When We’re Not. It took some doing to trim this down, but I did it, and I think the story is better off for it. […]

  2. I liked this although your translation was quirky and got in the way a bit. I think Jarra is a great character and I’d love to read more of his adventures.

    • I do so love a “powers” story. There is definitely a feel of a much larger universe at work in this one, and I find myself curious about the back story, where the powers came from, how they first appeared. Thanks for sharing!

      • Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Now if I can just edit the book into decent condition… *clutches The Kick-Ass Writer close, found the theme because of it, now to remove suck*

    • Very fun! 🙂 One of the things I always loved about the Greek gods was their underlying imperfections, their absolute humanity. Very well played!

    • Beautiful image building in this one. I could close my eyes and almost be there. Normally, I hate present tense – it’s just very hard for me to get into the story and tends to feel gimmicky, but in this one, it was almost transparent. Well done!

  3. You had me at Odin, and then completely wowed me with a vivid future world that, despite the limit on words, I could totally see in my head. Very awesome.

    • Hmmm, very much along the lines of “Dies the Fire” by S.M. Stirling. I did find myself wanting to know a bit more about the magic…how did the protagonist know what caused the end of tech?