Flash Fiction Challenge: Five Random Words

Last week’s challenge: Ten Little Chapters

I have chosen ten random words.

Your goal: to choose five of these and incorporate them into a single piece of flash fiction.

The words:











There’s your list.

Choose five.

Write 1000-word short story.

Post at your blog or online space.

Give us a link to the story in the comments below.

Any genre will do.

Due by April 4th, noon, EST.

181 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Five Random Words”

      • Thank you CF. I don’t know, this story popped into my head almost fully formed, but I like Kyouki and would like to see what is up with the ring and the Hidden Man, so I guess it is not out of the question.

  1. I chose the words whalebone, djinn, orphan, hermit and topaz. I overshot the word limit somewhat, but I’m quite proud of what I came up with. Here is the link:


    If nothing else this challenge has been a success in that I wrote something every night this week, and I finished what I started. Hurray! I haven’t read any of the other responses because I wanted to get my story out first, but I’m looking forward to digging in this weekend.

  2. Mine goes live in a couple of hours. More from Gorg the Troll, because it just seemed like the right thing to do.

    • I was going to leave the comment on your blog, but I guess you have to have a Deviant Arts account to do that? Anyway, just wanted to say it’s an interesting story. Clearly there’s a lot more going on than is in this story!

    • I should probably mention that this is a horror story, and that the words I used were Whalebone, Foxglove, Lollipop, Hermit, Hound, and Topaz. Wait, that’s six words…

      • Interesting idea. Without giving too much away, the first couple of paragraphs seemed extraneous for me, but everything after that I really liked.

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