Flash Fiction Challenge: Five Random Words

Last week’s challenge: Ten Little Chapters

I have chosen ten random words.

Your goal: to choose five of these and incorporate them into a single piece of flash fiction.

The words:











There’s your list.

Choose five.

Write 1000-word short story.

Post at your blog or online space.

Give us a link to the story in the comments below.

Any genre will do.

Due by April 4th, noon, EST.

181 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Five Random Words”

      • The first challenge I did was ‘pick any 1 from each of these 2 lists of ten’ — I nearly tried to use all 20 because I was so weirdly excited.

        Nice job; complete scene in less than 500. Impressive!

      • By that rationale, there are about 440 words that don’t belong, right? I kid…

        Enjoyed the smash-mouth pace – it fits the challenge and the feel of your piece. If anything, it’s over too quick for me – I’d love to see more of what the hero sees. But it’s got a nice arc and a good turn. Spot on!

        • I’m glad you liked it! Fitting each scene into a tiny “100” box was crazy difficult. I probably wrote 1800 or so, but the bearded one decreed 10×100, so it was done.

          • Apparently I’m in the Cat Jones category and also can’t grasp the replying thing.
            Anyway, what is a smash-mouth pace? I had intended to write another 500 words, based on the capture, but classes and work killed that.

          • If you were a little dude about to tussle with a much bigger dude, your best bet might be to take your first opportunity to smash him in the fargoing mouth, and not give him the chance to draw things out. 🙂

      • Mark, I have to say, your new(er) blog layout is so much easier to read! It looks good too.

        Love what you did with the story. Not every quest is heroic! Awesome.

    • Interesting supernatural story Fatma. I wanted to know what the significance of those figures was, and the events that they wrought on others.

    • Welcome and good job! I love the ending phrase of the first paragraph. It’s perfect for the story.

      Also interesting idea, and a complex protagonist, which is pretty difficult to do in 1000 words.

  1. I’m a mom. This is based on a true story that happens to me everyday. Don’t judge me’http://kissmetoomanytimes.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/flash-fiction-challenge-five-random-words-2/

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