Flash Fiction Challenges: Ten Little Chapters

Last week’s challenge: Somethingpunk!

This week’s challenge is simple in description, but perhaps complex in execution.

It is about pacing and arrangement.

A piece of flash fiction is usually treated in a certain way — it’s short, so it uses the brevity of the form to often capture a snapshot in time.

We’re going to open that up a little bit.

You still have 1000 words.

But you’re going to break that up into 10 chapters.

Now, ostensibly that works out to about 100 words per chapter, though variation on that is fine. However you see fit to make it work. The goal here is to maintain brevity but increase scope. Can you tell a larger story in a smaller space? Does breaking it up make that easier — or harder?

Otherwise, standard rules apply.

Any genre will do.

Post at your blog, then drop a link in the comments here to that blog.

Due by next Friday, March 28th, noon EST.

1000 words, split into ten chapters. Now write it.

199 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenges: Ten Little Chapters”

    • Definitely worked. I really enjoyed the back and forth. I love how it’s part of something larger, only hinting at all the ominous horror. Mind you, I also hate that, because I WANT TO READ MORE.

    • I like this! I could actually see someone in DARPA designing a military drone to smile so it’s less terrifying. Which somehow makes it even worse. “Share and enjoy” and all of that. 🙂

  1. I don’t blog… But I do like to write. This is the first time I’ve ever published something on the internet, but this seemed interesting. Hope a non-blogger site counts :/ apologies for weird formatting and a mangled story, this really was a challenge.

    You will see hundreds of thousands of faces in your life. To they they are only nameless faces in a crowd. But they are tangible, and who is to say that you have not met them before… once a year… you’d never know… he never knew…

  2. okay, okay, i know i’m late (again! argh!) but I thought hey, there’s no harm in posting it, right? (right?! or am i going to be smited (smote?) by some angry God-creature?). Anyways, here’s my story. It was a challenge writing it in such short chapters, but i got it 1,000 words on the dot (100 words per chapter). Bring Back The Sun (now you hate me because you have that song in your head, right?) http://wp.me/pBqgu-9H

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