Flash Fiction Challenge: Fairy Tales, Remixed

Last week’s challenge: The Who, The Where, The Uh-Oh

Pick a fairy tale.

Go on, do it.

I’ll wait.

If you don’t know your fairy tales — Google is your friend, of course.

Hell, here’s a pretty good list of the Grimm’s tales.

I want you to pick one — I’ll let you do that — and rewrite it.

Except, wait now, hold on.

I want you to also roll to choose a random subgenre. You will then apply said random subgenre to the fairy tale you have picked for maximum awesome. Get it? Got it? Rad.

You have 1000 words.

You have one week — due Friday, January 31st, noon, EST.

Write it at your online space. Link back here.

Do tell us which fairy tale you’re using by making it the title of your story.


(roll a d20 or go to a random number generator)

  1. Cyberpunk
  2. Dystopian
  3. Erotica
  4. Spy Thriller
  5. Southern Gothic
  6. Satire
  7. Urban Fantasy
  8. Space Horror
  9. Space Opera
  10. Young Adult Contemporary
  11. “Grimdark” Fantasy
  12. Psychological Horror
  13. Hard Sci-Fi
  14. Slasher Film
  15. Ecothriller
  16. Sword & Sorcery
  17. Lovecraftian
  18. Zombie Apocalypse
  19. Superhero
  20. Detective

269 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Fairy Tales, Remixed”

  1. Ha. Take One on Rapunzel as Space Opera is about 1600 words. I’ll be working on it and post later in the week, but I don’t know if it will lend itself to being told at 2/3 the length.

  2. I’ve been obsessed with a revised version of The Princess and the Pea ever since I invented the Narrathon – a story telling event and trade – in my books. Here at last is a chance for Willoughby to do his stuff. Maybe I included satire, maybe I didnt. It’ll be live around midnight UK time Friday, 7pm New York Thursday. If the server doesnt go down again…


  3. I chose Grimms’ fairy tale “Brother and Sister,” one of my faves as a kid. Can’t resist a yarn that includes someone getting boiled alive in the bath. #morbid #therapy

    The random number generator gave me CYBERPUNK, which dismayed me at first. I’ve never even read that — how by all of Wendig’s beard hairs am I supposed to write it?!?

    But I pulled out my vorpal sword and went to slaying the beast. I like the carcass. I mean, the result. I’d be happy for y’all to let me know how I did. : ) Thanks!


    • I think you did pretty well, though I don’t know the original story and wasn’t completely clear on exactly what happened at the end.

      • Well, the original story takes at least 2,000 words to recount. ; ) Lemme see if I can summarize:

        Sister and brother are tormented by wicked-witch stepmother and stepsister. Sis & bro run away. Witch turns bro into deer. Sis meets king, gets married, lives with king & deer-bro in palace. Witch cooks sis to death in hot bath. Stepsis takes sis’s place. Sis returns as ghost to nurse her baby at night. King finds her, recognizes her, expresses undying love. Sis returns to life, stepsis is unmasked. Witch is burned at stake, stepsis gets torn to pieces by wild animals. Deer-bro becomes a real boy again. Happily ever after.

        To simplify, I made witch and stepsister over into a single character, the “false Queen.” So at the end of my story, sis & bro & deer get to play the role of wild animal killing their nemesis. The hybrid threesome then escapes, with the hint that they’ve stolen the microchip containing the plans to “cure” them and return them back to normal.

    • This, right here, is why fiction is such a wonderful thing; it has the power to take you to crazy worlds where, even if you don’t entirely understand everything that’s going on, you’re THERE, right in the middle of it… and I was definitely there in your world. Being more than a little bit scared, but in a good way.

      A gripping tale with some fantastic imagery going on – although next time I might try not to be eating my tea when I’m reading the end 😉

      • Thanks, Wendy! I’m glad you enjoyed it so much, and I’m blushing at the compliments. I’m sorry about the problem with eating/drinking while reading…and yet, I’m not sorry. That makes me feel like I did my job! ; )

  4. Okay, I finally got this done. This was the toughest challenge I’ve done to date. I’m not entirely sure it counts as “grimdark fantasy”, but it is a world where life is crap and nobody is happy for long, so I guess it counts. Also, I thought it would be fun to tell it not from the POV of or with the focus on the “heroes” but on the princess who is offered as a prize, and usually has no agency in the story. Anyway, I hope it doesn’t suck. 🙂

    Now I can read the other ones, as I’ve been avoiding them until I finished this.

    • Fascinating! I haven’t a clue about Southern Gothic, so I was really interested in your take on it. Well done!

      • Thank you for reading my story and taking the time to comment on it. This was my first public post of anything I’ve written – so you were my first ever feedback from a stranger. 🙂

    • …And now I’m going to take a cold shower! This was really well-written – not a single porn cliche in the whole thing, which takes A LOT of skill. Not that I’m any kind of expert in this field of course – I’m just GUESSING that this is how good erotica writing should be IF I’d ever read any in my life, which of course I HAVEN’T… *looks away, whistles innocently…*

    • Holy moley, that was dark! But really well done – great job! I found myself reading it in a Scarlett O’Hara accent from the first paragraph, so you did a fine job on capturing the feel of the piece too.

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