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The Art Harder Flask: Now Available

Hey, look, a flask!

Which you can now buy.

I am also told that today, January 24th, Zazzle is running a special on these flasks, and if you use the code: FLASKSLAUNCH, you will get yourself 25% off the price.

(After today, I dunno if that code will work, but Zazzle usually has some kind of general code running if you do a Google search for Zazzle Codes or Zazzle Coupons.)

At present, the only flask is a NSFW version.

I figure, if you’re the person who carries around a flask, it’s hidden, not sitting on your desk like a coffee mug, so it’s less important to have a safe-for-work version…

… but if I have that wrong, do let me know.

Also noodling doing a poster of the Write Till Your Fingers Bleed image. Plus maybe something with the Big 350 Writing Plan, and something offering bits of the Writer’s Prayer.

More to come, eventually. (And other merch available now.)